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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by tanzy, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. tanzy

    tanzy Guest

    Hello all, I was referred to this site by a good friend of mine.

    a bit about me...

    I have recently started "thinking on my own" about just life in general. I have devoted time to studying philosophy and spirituality outside of the constructs of a college framework. I consider myself a very open minded person, and I have been called a "seeker" by friends and family that know me. I do not consider myself a seeker though, as I do not know what I am seeking... Anyway, I was once just like every other 9-5'er. Until I went into a major depression that lasted about 3 years. (back in 2004ish) I have no idea what happened, but the only reason I am still here is my own stubbornness.(refused to go out like that)

    Negativity aside, One day I woke up, and everything was different. I have no idea why, but I craved knowledge of any kind. That craving has lead me to where I am now, and I am very happy.

    the project...

    I have been toying around with a few ideas lately... One thing I have been thinkin about is experimenting with a vow of silence. The more I thought about it, the more I found it to be impossible. The world today is filled with all kinds of distractions... This frame of thought lead me to my main Idea... Why live with these distractions? I want to build a community that lives more in tune with the natural world. I have a really good friend that is willing to join me, and contribute his knowledge/skills We also know of 2 others that are considering the idea...
    We have been saving our money, and plan to buy a plot of land where we can build our self-sustaining community. (and a long term "dream" of mine is to establish a learning center for others interested in the lifestyle... if things work out)

    What i am here for:

    I am here hoping to network with other like-minded people. I would really like to have some people to bounce ideas off of. (i am sure I am not the 1st to think of this plan) My studies of philosophy and spirituality and other things I really enjoy have been stunted as I am now trying to learn about knowledge needed to attain this dream of mine. I only have a Hih school education, but I am very good at picking up something completely new to me, studying how it works, and then improving on it.... I just need a little help sharing ideas.

    Feel free to reply here, or my email.

  2. raz5

    raz5 زینب

    that's real interesting about you wanting to build a community, hopefully you'll be able accomplish that. peace and love
  3. Tambet

    Tambet Member

    Where are you planning to create this community?
  4. tanzy

    tanzy Guest

    That is te 1st hurdle I must overcome... I live in Idaho, and Have lived here mostly my whole life. I love it here, but it does not have a very good climate for growing things. The land values are very high compared to surrounding states too. I need to research what states have the best seasons for what I want, and then try to find back-country real estate in those states. I have also been reading about "greening the desert" which opens up a lot of other possibilities too. My best friend that is taking this trip with me is studying to be a botanist at college. His input has really changed my prospective when it comes to choosing a location.

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