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Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by thinking_food, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. thinking_food

    thinking_food New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I´ve been thinking for quite some time if I should post here.

    My wife and I have been nudists at home for the past 6 years. Now, 3 years ago our first daughter was born, then 1 year ago we got our second daughter. (Women rule in my house ;) )
    Since our daughters were born we stopped being nude at home, but now we would like to start again. Trouble is I dont really know where to start...maybe this sounds dumb but I really dont. Do we just start going nude from one day to the next? Idk.

    Any advice or comments on this would be greatly appreciated :)

  2. morrow

    morrow Senior Member

    Why did you stop because you had babies?
  3. thinking_food

    thinking_food New Member

    Thats a good question. I dont really have an answer for that.
    After they were born we just stopped, but idk why. Not because of a specific reason....we just did.
  4. morrow

    morrow Senior Member

    I think if your not shy in front of the kids, what's the problem?

    Do they go in and out the bathroom, bed room while your naked?
    If so, then what's the problem?
  5. thinking_food

    thinking_food New Member

    I know there isnt a problem.

    Im just wondering how to approach it. Should I just ask them if they would like to start being naked at home from now on?
  6. Daretobare

    Daretobare Member

    Kids are natural nudists as you have probably already noticed being a parent. At their ages Id say start introducing them into it by having an open door policy. Such as showering and changing in the bedroom. They have no hangups about you seeing them at that age im sure. You already do. Your concern is them seeing you. When questions are asked, which thet will. Your honest, you explain that nudity is fine but inappropriate touching isnt. You also explain not everyone condones it and it is only appropriate at designated places.
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  7. nudony

    nudony Member

    I think you may be overthinking it. Maybe you have some misgivings about "suddenly" being nude in front of your kids?

    Daretobare mentioned kids being natural nudists. At that age, they do tend to embrace it rather easily.

    For me it was easy: I never stopped being a nudist after my daughter was born. But I do have a friend who started a little later; when her son was about 4. She decided to wanted to try home-nudism, asked me for advice; and I gave her several options based on my experiences. She was concerned about just "suddenly" being completely naked in front of her son, so the option she chose was "open doors" as Daretobare mentioned; which some regard as a more subtle way to introduce nudity at home.
    So she started doing that; and as she was taking her morning shower with the door open, her son walked in. Her initial reflex was to try to hide; but she fought against it and continued showering. When she came out of the shower she found that her fears were unfounded; although curious about this "new state", her son didn't seem particularly unsettled by her nudity. So she continued getting ready in the bathroom while her son just patiently hung out with her.
    Once her fear of the situation being uncomfortable was dispelled, she decided to take it a step further. One following evening while her son was bathing, she decided to undress in the bedroom; checking in on him nude while he bathed. At the end of his bath she asked him if he wanted to stay nude after his bath; and he enthusiastically agreed. And so they hung out nude together the rest of the evening.

    It had literally been THAT easy. And from the stories I've heard from other parents, that's typically how easy it is.
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  8. Chuckles1230

    Chuckles1230 Member

    It baffles me why people think they have to explain everything to kids--especially really young ones, who are not likely to understand the explanations at their age anyway. Just do it. If the kids have questions, answer those when they ask.

    When I was small, we had a privacy fence in the back yard, and my dad was naked out there for everything in the summers from sunbathing to working out to grilling steaks. My mom was always dressed, but nobody explained anything to me--nor did they need to. I knew Dad went naked summers and Mom never did. What's to explain?

    It is no different than changing the furniture around in the living room. Would you feel a need to explain that to young kids? My house was much like my parents: I went naked a lot in the house when the kids were growing up, but my wife did not. No explanation. It was not a problem until my daughter hit puberty, when she became embarrassed by any nudity in the house. My son and I acceded to her wishes and we kept clothes on when she was around (I encouraged sleepovers at her friends then, so we would have at least some nude days). The way I see it, until the kids comment or question, there is no problem.
  9. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    It baffles me why grown adults want to be naked around children.

    But that's none of my business.

  10. Chuckles1230

    Chuckles1230 Member

    You're obviously not a nudist.
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  11. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire

    This is like the two juvenile delinquents who go to see the priest. One goes up to the priest and asks, "Father, can I smoke while I pray?" and of course the priest gets angry and tells him to be more reverent. But the second kid says, "You didn't do it right. Watch me." He asks the priest, "Father, can I pray while I smoke?" And the priest smiles and says, "Yes, my son, you can pray any time, and God will always hear you."

    So do I want to be naked around children? Not particularly. But when I want to be naked, am I embarrassed if children see me? Definitely not! It's all a question of where you put the emphasis.

    And you say you're in Bavaria. You must know about those nude beaches that the city of Munich operates. The Feldmochinger See sounds like a nice place.
  12. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I don't have a problem with nude beaches I got a problem when children are forced to be exposed to it all because one adult figured that the right lifestyle for themselves is to be naked around everyone.

    Now the problem might not be the lifestyle but I think that the mindset is a problem and I don't believe there's any coincidence that children in problem environment grow up to be troubled or problem adults.

    Being naked around children is not cool, they don't want to see that.
  13. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire

    You're doing it again, with negative phrasing: "when children are forced to be exposed to it". You're making up that "forced" part; if people take their kids to a nude beach, presumably they know what they'll see, and so do the children. You might be right for some children some of the time, "they don't want to see that" but then again, some children may be perfectly OK with it, and the parents ought to know what the situation is with their own family. And you may be right again about "children in problem environment grow up to be troubled or problem adults", but I'm certain that if nudity isn't traumatic for a child, then there's nothing to worry about. Sometimes people claim that children in naturist homes grow up better adjusted than average, but I'd settle for them just being like any other kids, except they think naked people are OK.

    There's this annual event in the Seattle area called the "Fremont Arts Parade" where decorated floats run through the streets, and nude cyclists in body paint ride around between the floats. Someone who's been there told me, "You can see some people putting their hands over their children's eyes when the naked people are there, and then there are some people holding their kids up to get a better view." So which kids are destined for a life of anguish?

    Are you really in Bavaria?
  14. nudony

    nudony Member

    I've had to explain myself while my daughter was growing up nudist:

    "Why do you feel it necessary to be naked around your daughter and get her to be completely naked around other adults??"

    As Amont explained, this implies that nudity was somehow "forced."

    For one, I was already a nudist when my daughter was born. I just didn't "quit" when my daughter came around. Small children just don't care that much about it enough for it to be an issue - at least that was the case with my daughter. When her Mom started embracing home-nudity as well, we decided to make it a family thing. Our daughter was always given a choice; particularly after she reached the age where she could make one. And she always chose to be nude at home with us.
    When we reached the point where social nudity became an option for the family, we took her to a resort. We paid close attention to her reaction, ready to "pull the plug" if need be. But her reaction was entirely positive. At that point she had been nude so often with us that the leap to social nudity turned out to be a small one for her.

    The idea that she was somehow "forced", particularly for people who knew us and my daughter at that time, would have seemed preposterous. She totally embraced resort nudism, made friends there, and actually requested to go to "naked camp" and be nude with/like everyone else. We didn't need to "force" anything: the moment we pulled into the resort parking lot she'd toss off her clothes herself and run off to the pool area. As a matter of fact she was nude so much that we actually had to set boundaries of where/when she could go nude. And when she reached her teens and didn't want to be socially naked anymore, we just stopped taking her. Simple as that. There was nothing "traumatic" about her upbringing. She is now a well-adjusted, happy and successful college student.

    There might be situations where children a "forced" into social nudity by parent(s) who care more about their nudism than their kid(s) well-being. But to generalize that it's always the case negates the fact that there are many children, like my daughter, who actually love the nudist environment and clothesfreedom.
  15. Shes lesbian, Im gay, yes we know full well how clueless parents can be.

    There is no way you have any idea what is going on in your childrens heads.

    At a young age they are going to just go along with what the parents want to avoid any negative reinforcement.

    If the child of you or any other nudist parents kicks up a fuss about going to a nudist place, you going to actually listen to the child first, or get cross and put your own wants first becuase you want to go, then start trying to rationlize it in the same fashion to the child that woukd rather go to a fun park or aquarium

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