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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by bush basher, May 23, 2007.

  1. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    i,ve just started growing a plant (first 1 ever) it's lookin good. i've jus put it in a large pot to let the roots grow (been reading loads about it) it's 2 weeks old now an bout 5/6" tall. i'm using cfl's, it's in the airing cupboard till we move house an i can build a proper grow room. i have the idea of usind 4 flotrecents (large one's) 2 on the lid and 1 across each of the sides. the box standind bout 4ft tall and wide enough for 4 plants. i have 2 bathroom extracter fans, 1 as the intake bottom right of the box and 1 as the exit on top in the middle. there will be no problems for heat as the temp is controled in the box at 25c light and 20c dark. running at 18/6 i have plant food and nutritional compost and am using water from the fresh running stream. can any of you experienced growers give me any more info i'm missing out on.

    p.s. oh i forgot i grew the plant from a seed out of some good weed, i have no clue what strain it is or sex. thanx and keep the farmers cultivating.
  2. brainboy

    brainboy Member

    i dont know what kind of soil you are using, but i started out using some cheap potting soil, spend the 25 bux get a bag of fox farms ocean forest its worth it. my babies were struggling along untill i put them in the fox farms and then they took off. get those plants as close the cfls as you can you want them atleast within 2 inches.
  3. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    im in the uk, so i dont know about the bucs. the lamps are 2" away. thanx for the advice tho.
  4. T.H. Cammo

    T.H. Cammo Member

    Cheers bush basher!

    "Bux" or bucks are slang for US dollars. In the UK, you have something quite similar the Foxfarm's Ocean Forest, it's called Plagron Royal Mix or something like that. It's full of good organic nutrients.
  5. T.H. Cammo

    T.H. Cammo Member

    Yeah - Plagron Royal Mix! Buffoonman said it was costing about 12 pounds for 50 litres last August. A bit expensive, but he spoke very highly of it. No extra nurients needed except some seaweed tea during flowering. Hope that helps!
  6. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    thanx alot thc. thats all i need to know! i'll keep my eye out for it. i'm usin somthing similar to miracle grow at the mo. just on 1 plant. soon as i build my grow room i'll find it.
  7. vashman420

    vashman420 Member

    If your using miracle grow, make sure to add magnesium(spell). about 1/8th tsp of epson salt added to your next gallon of water. just for the sake that miracle grow doesn't have that in it. and its slightly need in the plant

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