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Discussion in 'Gay' started by luvitnow, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. luvitnow

    luvitnow Guest

    I have only recently started enjoying this lifestyle.Ever since I had my first experience with my man I find myself looking at and checking other men out which I never did before.I look for bulges in their jeans and swim trunks and if I see a big bulge I wonder how much bigger I could get his cock to go.I wonder if they shoot big loads or small loads.I wonder if they cum quick or can last like my man.If I make eye contact with one and he stares back I want to go suck his dick.Is this all part of being gay or am I just a slut?
  2. BiCross9

    BiCross9 Guest

    Slut!!! Lol no its okay, you're fine. ;)
  3. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    You are just sexual.

    My str8 friends are ogling the girls all the time. Big tits? Not so? Would she scream at the sight of his dick. Would she give a good blow job? Is she playing hard to get? The usual.

    Why wouldn't you be doing the same when it comes to men?

  4. kurona

    kurona Member

    Just dont get too lost on just the cock and cum eh. Theres more to things than that, that you can enjoy things with gay people. :)

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