New and looking to chat with other girls! :)

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Shannan93, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Shannan93

    Shannan93 Guest

    Hey, I'm 20 and want to get to know some girls to talk to. Don't know many lesbians so it would be nice to chat to you :)
  2. mystikal

    mystikal Guest

    Hey :) im new too and dont know many either...and im 26 lol
  3. Hey shannan, I'm new too, I don't know many lesbians so I thought here would be a place where I could chat to others. feel free to msg me :)
  4. MancLez23

    MancLez23 Member

    Hey, i'm kim, i'm 23, i'm new on here too :) only know 2 lesbians so would like to get to know more x
  5. Melanie_86

    Melanie_86 Member

    Hi to all of you. I was wondering when some where going to show up :) I posted in the intro thread but no one posted back at me. Also its difficult here to have conversations unless you go offline as you cannot message people/friends here until you have at least 100 posts. But if you put photos up you can at least leave messages on those :D
  6. kim_w

    kim_w Guest

    Yeah why are lesbians so hard to find? haha. It's not like there aren't loads of us out there, maybe we should wear badges...
  7. Melanie_86

    Melanie_86 Member

    Lol maybe we should :D
  8. Rebecca_xo

    Rebecca_xo Guest

    Hey! Im going to join in, message me whenever x
  9. MissHawk

    MissHawk Guest

    Hey everyone... :3

    I also joined the forums to meet other lesbians and just have some girls to talk to... I'm going through such a tough freaking time right now... My ex-girlfriend broke up with me after 2,5 years.... So I could really use people to talk with right now, or atleast help / be there for others... >.<
  10. Melanie_86

    Melanie_86 Member

    girls you need to stay here a while, get some activity up (posting) and we can be chatting away like birds soon enough, be patient :)
  11. BiLover

    BiLover Guest

    hello im Christina im 25 and in intro girls i have a boyfriend im living with in germany
  12. Shadiatique

    Shadiatique Member

    Hi girls
    Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your time her
  13. BeachBall

    BeachBall Nosey old moo

    Sorry to hear that, MissHawk.

    Have a big hug from me :grouphug:
  14. MissHawk

    MissHawk Guest

    Thank you.... It was my own fault though. I made horrible mistakes, I deserved it. Unfortunately, those are the kind of mistakes that people can only learn AFTER the mistake... since I had no experience and no control of how much I loved her...

    Big hugs back, if you still want one after knowing this.... :/
  15. Pink arrow

    Pink arrow Guest

    Hi I think it's nice to know you
  16. Melanie_86

    Melanie_86 Member

    Hi Arrow, how are you? :)
  17. wobs

    wobs Senior Member

    im not a girl but i will chat with anyone
  18. Hi. My name is Kimberly. I am 28, I am also new here. I am looking to meet some friends. Please feel free to chat me up sometime. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  19. Melanie_86

    Melanie_86 Member

    Hey Kim how are you? Nice to see a new face :) left a message for you. You can if you wish, write to me on one of my photos until you are able to send PM's :D
  20. sticky girl

    sticky girl Guest

    i am new to this but need to chat to other girls . Have been out for a bit but not exactly experienced. I know what I like but dont like the scene .Would like to get some others views on best way to get to know sensible like minded girls

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