Neil Gaiman

Discussion in 'Books' started by brainstew, May 27, 2007.

  1. brainstew

    brainstew Member

    Any Neil Gaiman fans here?
  2. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    who is it?
  3. brainstew

    brainstew Member

    An author.
  4. Roffa

    Roffa Senior Member

    yes I've read a couple of his books and some of his comics, and have the DVD set of Neverwhere. He's a pretty good writer.
  5. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    I LOVED Coraline.. great story.. I highly recommend it
  6. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    I was into the "Sandman" series, for the first couple of years it was out. Otherwise I have only read the "Neverwhere" book and also liked it.
  7. brainstew

    brainstew Member

    I saw it but I never read it, what is it about?

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