Neglect, backcombing, wool, or brush rubbing?

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Obsidian Blade, Mar 16, 2008.

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    My desire for dreads has once again awakened.

    However, i am under siege of dilemna

    First of all, my hair is fairly thick, when it grows long naturally, it just looks wierd.
    I am having difficulty deciding on what method i will do to aquire dreads.

    Also, out of backcombing, neglect and rubbing wool on my hair, which do you guys find more effective or efficient? please elaborate, and dont spare any personal experiance.

    I like neglect’s simplicity, but i fear i may mess up the progress by moving my hair out of my eyes and face, and the possibility that my hair wont even dread after all that time.

    I have heard of a method known as brushrubbing, to where you get a soft brissled brush and brush in clockwise motion every day.

    Backcombing sounds good, but with all the negativity torwards wax and my worry of damage to my scalp prevent me from going thru this method.

    And the same goes for wool.


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