Need your advice - help - is he bicurious?

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by JustCurious101, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. I am in love with my best friend, same sex (Guys) and need your help. I want to make a move on him and kiss him but I don't want to ask straight up. I suspect he is bi-curious and feel he would be okay with it.

    The reason I feel that he is bicurious is because; It all started when I slept at his house one night, and he was wearing no shirt and had a massive V and i was immediately attracted to him. That night we slept in the same bed and he was facing one way and I was facing the other. I turned to face him so I was looking at the back of his head. I started to cuddle him and spoon that night.

    The next time I stayed at his house we went to the beach and afterwards we went back to his and both hopped in the shower together with our boardshorts on. He started feeling his penis through his shorts and was looking at me laughing. That night when we went to be he was lying on his back next to me asleep. I put my hand on his leg and ran it up slowly towards his penis. It was soft but it felt so good, he woke up and brushed my hand away. I kept doing it throughout the night and he continued to push away.

    The next time I stayed at his house we watched movies and went to sleep this time when i put my hand on his thigh, i went up to his body and was feeling it. I slowly moved my hand towards his penis and I felt his hand there. He was holding his pants up so I could creep my hand in. So i did. He moved his hand and my hand was now in his pants on his underwear, I played with it and he held my hand through his shorts. We went to sleep cuddling.

    The next time he stayed at my house and I had just got out the shower and was getting dressed and he asked me if I had ever made out with another guy. I said "ew no", because i didnt want him to no i was bi curious. He said that he had one time and it was good. I took that as a hint, but didn't proceed with it, i was sorta just like "really? ahahah" anyway. We were on the bed watching a movie, not under the covers but ontop. He was laying on his back and I was laying on my side facing him and the TV. My elbow was digging into his ribs so he asked me to move it, so I did. He then said, that it was uncomfortable where I moved my hand, and then moved it onto his stomach. (He wasnt wearing a shirt) I started to gently rub my fingers across that one part of his body. He then played jokes about grabbing my hand and putting it down his pants saying you just touched my penis and everything.

    Anyway, after the movie had finished we got under the covers and I was spooning him. This time he made the first move, he put his hand on my thigh and was rubbing it so i did the same. Things progressed and we moved up to the penis and eventually we were wanking eachother off until we both came. We went to sleep that night.

    For the next few times we stayed at eachothers house we wanked eachother off till we came.

    I want to do something more though. I want to kiss him, go onto a makeout session. Do you think he would be up for it and how do I make the first move. I want to do it without asking, or without talking about like, gays or anything. I want to do it without words. Maybe we could wrestle or something then look into his eyes? I dunno. Help! I need suggestions on the following?

    How to make the move without asking?!
    Do you think he is bi-curious?
    And do you feel like he would kiss a guy?


    (I am 15 and he is 14)
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    Considering you already posted this, and how obvious it is that you are just a troll, maybe you should just grow up.

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