need to change the name of this forum to bash America

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by txbarefooter, May 14, 2004.

  1. txbarefooter

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    as the title says, the title of this forum needs to be changed from America atttacks to bash America because that is all that happens to every thread on this forum, regardless of the title.

    For instance.. if there was a thread titled .. US soldier saves 25 Iraqi children from burning bus.. y'all would turn it around and make it .. US soldier rapes 25 Iraqi children after dragging them from a bus.
  2. Nistix

    Nistix Member

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    Hey, thats going a bit far. There is some quite constructive arguments being put forward on both sides.
    the reason that there is alot of anti americanism on this part of the site is because most of the users are pacifists. there are plenty of other places where you can talk about how noble and great the U.S.A's foreign policy is I am sure.
  3. LaughinWillow

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    Right - try free republic's site if you don't like it. This board is specifically to discuss America's ATTACKS on the world and on freedom in THIS country - and the majority of people who post here are of the opinion that that is exactly what is happening. You are certainly welcome to leave.
  4. brothersun

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    I think most american people are decent people. I've been to the usa many times and have always been treated well. I think the problem Is the goverment and there policies. Unfortunately its these policies that put american lifes at risk at home and overseas.
  5. freakwentflyer

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    came about by the protests and rebellion of those who were unhappy with "America".

    If you really think there isn't a evil lurking in the power of the ultra rich who control our government, our cia, our military special forces, you aren't looking deep enough.

    The terrorist are also an evil, like a swarm of hornets, but one that would have never grown to such a degree had our government (and others) not spent the last 50 years kicking their nest. The rich and powerful kick the nest, but it's the sons and daughters of the working class that are getting stung.
  6. DarkLunacy

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    Ever notice how people go into a forum then bitch about what everyone has to say... Like that mavrick dude in the protest forum "Duh... Yall are UnAmerican!"
    You dont like the forum, dont go... Simple formula but some people dont get it... Its a toughie... Let me map it out
    M = Member and I = intrest while F = forum material and A = Attendence

    If MI=F then A=High Numbers
    If MI<F then A=Low Numbers

    Follow the formula people
  7. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

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    Where did all these conservatives come from? It wasn't like this in the old forums...
  8. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

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    It is kinda weird that there seem to be a lot of conservatives on this site (of course, it's still a mostly left-leaning site). But those this forum is for those who have criticisms of the country - I don't think we're here to bash the country.
  9. SunLion

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    Just more evidence that Republicanism today is a full-fledged fascist movement. If you don't agree with the president, you're "bashing" America. If you expect us to adhere to international laws that we signed agreeing not to run concentration camps, that's "America bashing." If you don't like clusterbombs being dumped all over a city, that's "un-American." Join the lynch mob or you're "with the terrorists."

    It's an illness, and I'm glad I fought off the infection.
  10. LickHERish

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    The hypocrisy is all too glaring when one recalls the level of venom this same self ascribed "patriots" directed at the previous administration throughout its tenure. One didnt hear them simply dismissed as "un American", yet here they are pretending that blind partisan allegiance is a prerequisite for love of country.

    Hypocrites the lot of them!
  11. StellaBlue

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    Please read the description for this forum:

    Take note that OUR is in caps, that means we who aren't for America killing, torturing, and taking away rights of countries, and more so, people.

    Please pull thru.
  12. skip

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    It's a contagious, terminal disease, but hippies are the cure.

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