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    Hi all!

    My name is Amanda Boleman and I'm a journalism student and I'm writing about how budget travel options are allowing more people to travel, particularly in the free-spirited and adventurous way that the original hippies did. I want to cull together a list of Top 5 Tips for Hippie Travel and really stress the point of living in the now and sharing the spirit of adventure.

    If anyone could provide answers to the following questions, it would be extremely helpful:

    1. Why do you think it's so important to promote the spirit of adventure and alternate ways to travel?
    2. What are your favorite budget travel sites for helping you plan trips/find accommodation/book travel/etc.? Why?
    3. What have your unconventional travel experiences taught you?
    4. What advice do you have for fellow free-spirited travelers?
    5. Where do you suggest going for an off-the-beaten path experience?

    If you could please provide your full name, age, and title along with your response, that would be extremely helpful!

    Thank you,

    Amanda Boleman :sunny:

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