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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by DR. REEFER, Feb 1, 2005.


    DR. REEFER Member

    Im thinking of trying lsd this summer if i can find some, which i should be able to.
    Now what id like to know in the case of chemists, am i looking for a an unknown underground chemist or one of the more publicly known chemists. i aske this because id like to have my lsd tested to know how many micrograms in a hit.
    Il probly end up purchasing 2 or 3 hits. if i test one hit nd find out thers 250 micrograms then il know not to take the other 2. get what im asking? just need o know which type of chemist i should look for.

    DR. REEFER Member

    no offence taken, you live and learn right? well i guess the chemist idea is pointless now, too much money, too risky,i may as well (if i can find acid) take one hit, wait it out to see and if not satisfied take another later. thanks for the help dude.

    TAPPER Member

    A few things for you to consider;

    A standard size hit is 1/4" x 1/4" and can only hold a finite amount of lsd. Because of the technique used in laying lsd, all of the hits in that batch will have approximately the same mic content per hit. (within a few mic's)

    Although, how much a single hit can contain depends on the medium (paper, windowpane, etc) you are not going to find a 250 mic hit. These people are in business and that is plain wasteful. They would lay it at 125 mics and have twice as much, with no complaints whatsoever.

    You will be lucky to find over 100 mic/hit doses nowadays. Times are tough (getting better), prices are high, and quality is down.

    LSD IS ILLEGAL!! If you truly considered strolling into a “more publicly known chemists” office looking to get your lsd tested you SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO USE LSD!!!! In fact, you should not do any drugs because you can’t afford to lose a single brain cell.

    Finding an underground chemist is going to be extremely difficult and potentially dangerous to your health. Finding an underground chemist that has the knowledge and equipment to test your lsd is going to be nearly impossible. WTF are you thinking?

    If you are hell bent on trying this substance I would start small – ¼ hit. Take it and see what happens. Next time – ½ hit, and so on. It is not advisable to increase dose during the same session (being that you are a novice). Eventually you will get a feel for how potent that batch of lsd is and what it feels like to trip.
  4. delta9

    delta9 Member

    LSD does not kill brain cells. Please don't imply that it does.

    If you live in the US, you cannot get anything you think might be LSD tested because the DEA threatens labs that have the available licences and skills with loss of licence if they attempt to do *any* research without permission (nor will they give anyone permission).

    TAPPER Member

    I did not imply lsd, I said, " not do ANY drugs....".
    Also I never said "kill brain cells", I said " can’t afford to lose a single brain cell..."
  6. delta9

    delta9 Member

    I did not say you SAID that directly, I said you IMPLIED it. What does losing brain cells imply? That they just fell out your ear? Hmmm? Doesn't matter anyway, as long as we're all clear on it :)

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