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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by peaceful_kid89, May 28, 2006.

  1. i have this roll my friend gave it to me it has like the aol guy on it with one arm up its blue the same blue as the blue dolphins i had so im pretty sure its the same but different print but a couple questions she said its been sitting around for a while can x go bad if so how long does it take and can anything bad come out of it? and 2 has anyone in the florida area come across this type of roll before?
  2. how long's it been sitting around for?
  3. Crashdust

    Crashdust Member

    dude i had 11 of the exact some pills last weekend, i didnt roll at all...i hope you have a better experience (i only took 2 of the 11)

    EDIT:Im in the alaska area not flordia so probably not the same stuff.
  4. dopey on dope

    dopey on dope Member

    in my expiriance E doesent go bad but ive only kept them around for about 2 weeks befor i get bored and end up taking them anyway
  5. dooble poost
  6. i had one in a satty for like 3 weeks and it was fine
  7. trailerparkboy

    trailerparkboy Heat Bag

    Yeah I have never heard of e going bad
  8. neither have i
  9. maxxon

    maxxon Member

    I read somewhere that the chemical make up of e makes it extremely difficult to go bad and will last out for a long time. They actually say (I believe on erowid) that if you keep it in a cool dark dry place that the pill could techincally out live you.
  10. blabla

    blabla Member

    a friend keeps them for 2-3 months sometimes..and they work like magic i think should be okay...she keeps them in a tiny little plastic cointainer..or just those little plastic bags..also read about how its extremely difficult for pills to go bad anyway

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