need some advice on what to do.

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by nasty nate, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. nasty nate

    nasty nate Guest

    been with my wife for 4 years, married for just over 2. i'm 28, and she is 33. she is the only woman i have been with besides the one night stand i had losing my virginity at 24. we met on mothers day 2010, and right off the bat, ou relationship was sexual. there was a time when i made mistakes, flirting with other people online and such, getting caught every time. it was due to my inexperience and wondering what it would be like with another woman. i still wonder about it, but i have not acted out and got myself into trouble in over 2 years. a few months ago, i caught her flirting onlne, and a few days after that, found a pic of some other guys cock on her phone, followed by a conversation, in which i didn't get to read because she snatched the phone away and erased it. yes, i was mad, but now i know exactly how i made her feel. she flirted for the attention she says. we are terrible at giving it to eachother, lol.

    our relationship has been rocky, due to stress and everything. we never have really opened up to eachother, personality wise or sexually. i had a phase of where i was bicurious. i would let her use a dildo on me and such. TBH, i still think of sucking a dick every now and then. lately, i have fantasies of her getting fucked by another guy, and licking the cum out of her or fucking her as well, filling her more with cum. i am so turned on by the thought of her with another guy and me watching and joining in. she is more reserved sexually, so it prolly will never happen. and one last thing, i always bring up filming ourselves having sex, because the though of watching us turns me on even more.

    advice and experiences would be great!

    look foreward to the comments!!!
  2. Just_a_woman

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    I think monogamy is very unnatural. It is safer than fucking multiple partners, but it is very limiting.

    Perhaps she thinks the same. Did you actually talk about it? If she was flirting and texting another man, exchanging pictures and all, perhaps she's longing for other experiences. And it sounds like so do you.

    It could be something to discuss between you. I'm not talking about cheating! I'm talking about a consensual decision to try other things. You could at least check a swingers club together and see if it is something you two could do.
  3. nasty nate

    nasty nate Guest

    we have talked about it, but have not spent much time on it. we forgave eachother for our bad moments. i don't even know how to bring it up to her withought seeming like i'm not interested in her. not sure if she would want to feel something different, but i would. but if me and her don't agree on something, it doesn't bother me at all. hell, i'd even settle for recording ourselves and showing it off, ya know?

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