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Discussion in 'Free Love' started by moefaux, Jun 8, 2013.

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    So a couple months I was at my favorite bar and started talking to an attractive 23 yr old women named Brittany. I wasn't trying to pick her up and I wasn't flirting but she made me laugh so I offered to buy her a drink. She clammed up and and awkwardly told me she was a lesbian. I told her that was great, and explained that I'm the happy drunk guy who buys everyone drinks. The bartender confirmed this and she loosened up. We ended up talking for about an hour before she left and we got along really well. We've ended up talking 7 or 8 times since then. She is/was new in town and doesn't know many people, and most of my friends are married w/ kids and don't go out a lot or live out of the town so we both hang out at the bar to socialize and fend off loneliness. I learned she was really bi but she's been in a relationship with a lesbian for 3 yrs. She likes anal sex/things in her butt. Her girlfriend allows men to join them occasionally because Brit loves threesomes. They've tryed the poly amorous thing with a guy but they've never agreed on a guy except one but he got crazy jealous/possessive/controlling so they gave up. It never really seemed like she was flirting with me or dropping hints we never exchanged numbers/emails or friended each other on facebook, or ever planned to meet up at the bar. I met her girlfriend Nicole (who is gorgeous and isn't butch at all) and she didn't seem to like me at all. We never really talked until last week ,we shared a cigarette and she thanked me for being Brittany's friend and that she talked about me a lot but even that seemed very formal and cold. So even though I had furiously masturbated to the idea of having a threesome with them it just never seemed all that realistic. Last night Brittany showed up at the bar with some work friends I said hello bought them some drinks but then gave them some space. I played pool and flirted with the new waitress and bullshitted with some of the other regulars. I sat out on the patio to have a cigarette and Brittany came out to join me. She sat in my lap which was new because we weren't very touchy feely with each other. I rubbed her shoulders and upper arms and started to get aroused. She giggled and asked me what I was thinking about without missing a beat I blurted out: "Fucking you in the ass while Nicole licks your pussy". She stood up and and grabbed my beard and yanked my head so we were face to face she looked pissed and said in a disgusted tone "You're a fucking freak!" Then her ride home popped her head out the door and said they were leaving. She let go of me and spun around and said told her friend to give her one second and to meet her out front. After her friend left she grabbed her phone and said she needed my number so I gave it to her. She text me this morning and asked how felt about last night. I said I was confused because I swore she was going kick the shit out of me and really horny because I couldn't stop thinking about fucking her. She didn't respond so a few hours later I apologized and didn't mean make things weird between us and that I enjoy spending time with her. She lol'ed me back and said she and Nicole where on a road trip and they had been talking about me all day. I asked her what they had said. She said they both thought I was a really cool guy and that I was kind of a dirty hippie. She said she would call me on Tuesday when they got back into town.

    Sooo I'm excited to see what happens but can't shake the sinking feeling I'm being fucked with.

    Any advice on how to play this cool? Or anyone ever been in a similar situation?

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