Need People to Start WA STate Commune

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Passionflower, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Passionflower

    Passionflower Member


    anyone out there intereted in starting a non religion no guru, be your own person commune? please contact me or post here!

  2. m6m

    m6m Member

    Hi Passionflower,

    Washington is such a great place for communal living.

    We live over here on the Olympic Penninsula on what was a commune of sorts, but now we're the only ones left.

    Can't blame anyone, we being so isolated and all.
    Those of us who are left are like hermits.
    I'm the most social of the bunch, and I only leave the farm once or twice a week.
    I doubt if we could last a week in a busy communal scene anymore.

    In Eastern Washington, I like the Methow Valley. That whole valley with the Twisp River and Libby Creek is real fine.
    But the China Bend area is cheaper. You know, that area between Kettle Falls and North Port. Nice area too.

    Any way, good luck, and keep us posted if you make any progress. I know I'd like to visit if,,,, just to feel the vibration.
  3. hi passionflower -

    my name is jesse. i have been in europe for several years but coming back to the pacific northwest in spring 2005. if you hear of anything happening about commune situations, write me o.k.?

    peace to you -
  4. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    Hmmm...where in Washington are ya thinkin?
  5. wandrnshaman

    wandrnshaman Member

    I'm interested...I've been feeling around for one in the pnw for a while now. I'd like yo to contact me about this subject, passionflower.
  6. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    I live in South Seattle and have been looking for/interested in finding a commune in WA for some time. I am moving to NC at the end of next summer... but in the meantime would enjoy helping it get off the ground and such.
  7. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    I´m in Idaho and have been very interested in communal living for awhile now.
  8. Dear earth people,

    The I Ching tells me it's time to meet openly (trustingly) in the meadow, and this will lead to my next powerful transformation. Accordingly I choose to trust.

    I've always been a shaman or monk, but have approached it in different ways over the years. I used to know about god, but now I know myself, and frequently see magick in the universe. I don't need to know how or why anymore. I'm native American until they say "no whites"; then I'm Celtic or Daoist. (It's all the same at the root level.)

    As a struggling single father, I want to live in community so that I'm not so alone with my boys anymore. Don't worry: I don't need childcare help, as they really do take care of themselves (age 8 & 15), I just want other people around who are present. Are you present?

    I don't want to work 50 hours a week, and commute another 10, in order to make a lot of money. These things aren't important to a monk. Being is more important. I want to be there for my sons and to have time to meditate. Living simply and inexpensively is the key to freedom from the rat race.

    Let's hook up and build a life for the now. The now is all that matters. Balance and freedom are the keys.

    Love and blessings,
    Owl Watching Bear

    Diet: High-protein omnivore, but can keep meat out of the house if it bothers you.
    Eco-ethics: Life is sacred, be respectful. Let's recycle and reuse and live sustainably as much as we can, but not be Nazi's about it, each one decides what he can do. The more we have time and energy to be, the more we can grow things.
    House relationships: Let's check in at least 3x/week and get real, and have at least 1 meal together each week, and do sweat lodges and/or yoga together, that sort of thing; when we're real to each other, bad energies don't build up.
    Free love: OK, with emotional clarity.
    Drugs: OK, as long as done safely.
    Religion: No rules, be your own person, I can teach Qigong (religion without doctrine).
    Politics: Let's look each other in the eye first, see the person, then talk about politics if you want; I'm left in some ways, middle and right in other ways; aren't we all?
    Location: Forest is way better than city, but within range of Seattle unless cottage industry makes commuting unnecessary.
    Living space: Don't need much, one small bunk room and access to a shower.
  9. I would be interested in helping to start up a commune.
  10. jim_jam

    jim_jam Member

    yeah i am interested in starting a commune in WA i live in ohio now but have been looking into moving out to seattle, keep the thread going on what your plans are.
  11. I count 10 softcore granolas including those who have posted here and others, who might possibly be interested in a Seattle-area IC that respects freedom of mind and takes a moderate position on diet and technology. It sounds like a solid start.

    How many of you are serious about actually pooling money to get a place within, say the next 30-45 days?

    I'm open to the possibility of a granola-style IC, as described here; or possibly instead a men-only mythopoetic-oriented IC modelled after 1000AD English warrior culture, which has been under discussion on another forum.

    Depends on where the interest develops. Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be just as it is meant to be.

    Love and blessings,
    Owl Watching Bear
  12. Beach Bum

    Beach Bum Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I'm interested in joining one definitley in Seattle. I am a vegetarian though so I'm not sure how that would work out with this one. Around how much money do you think each person would need to save and what exactly is the men-only one all about?
  13. If you're a hardcore vegan who can't tolerate people around you eating meat, then I suggest you hook up with like minded people, such as those currently discussing forming an IC at

    However, if you're used to live and let live with regard to diet, us omnivores can certainly do the same for you. Then stick around with us.

    Money? I'd say $300 each would be a reasonable start, but it all depends on how many people are serious and ready when it's time to look for a house. Before we get that far, I'd say we need to set up a Yahoo Group and trade pictures and discuss values to see if other members of the prospective group are serious and in alignment on issues that we care about. I laid my shit on the table. You all can copy and paste my issues list and fill in the blanks on what works for you. A picture will emerge, I'd guess.

    The men-only IC that I referred to is being discussed on another forum. The idea is to try to emulate the ancient model that worked way back when, when men lived in men's houses and women lived in women's houses. Less battles of the sexes due to different brain wiring.

    Did anybody see Practical Magick? Does anybody watch Charmed? We have clear archetypes of what a women's house can look like, and it's really cool. Now put the shoe on the other foot. Did you see Lord of the Rings? Remember when the king of Rohan was speaking with Gandolf about his son's death? Their conversation and blessing to the departed son, "May he find his way to the halls of your forefathers", reflect on a rich archetype. English warriors of a millenium ago fought together, retired together, took care of each other as an alternate family model. Men need relationships with men, but most of us grow up without knowing it.

    In those ancient societies, when a boy would move from his mother's house to the men's house, it was a rite of passage that turned a key deep in his psyche. Several men's communities today have resurrected the concept of male initiation, such as the Nation of Men, the Mankind Project, Sterling, and others. The men's house being discussed on the other forum would welcome initiated men, and those interested in becoming initiated men.

    Anybody interested in the men's house can contact me and I'll put them in touch with the other forum.

    Love and blessings,
    Owl Watching Bear
  14. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    bit o tongue in cheek with some bite and even some truth

    Do bears shit in the woods - do owls watch
    Are communities still happening and why don't we hear about them
    Do the people making the attempt keep talking about it- or do they get too busy In the Doing
    And no I'm not picking on any one, just running off at the mouth

    While talking, I guess has a place - no , I Know it does - too often we get to feeling like we're Doing by talking.
    So just gotta ask - how are you (generic - any one to whom it applies) preparing to make this dream happen or are you just lighting up another pipe to dream by.
    Now without the dreams there ain't usually no action - so I don't belittle that end o it but ya see you gots to Work on making it manifest or it don't.
    I seen some peole come forward to provide a way to help those talking to manifest and don't usually see those talking willing to work it. Maybe the opportunity ain't quite right. Maybe I need to gather more money first
    Shit I might even fail ... so why try ?

    Too late my brother too late but never mind - shall that be your refrain - then somehow get to Doing
    And Blessings Be on all those, too often not writing about it, that are Doing.

    And no i'm not just pissing at talking - but you gotta shit in them woods and get it out too. Plan your work yeah, But Work that plan !

    What's a matter can't take a joke - can't work and talk at the same time ? well in the construction bussiness you are then told to shut up and Work

    So let me shut up
  15. Dear Oldwolf,

    > Do bears shit in the woods - do owls watch

    You bet they do! (I'll tell you about my totem name sitting by a campfire sometime next year when we're together at what we've manifested.)

    > I seen some peole come forward to provide a way to
    > help those talking to manifest and don't usually see
    > those talking willing to work it.

    I haven't seen this yet. If you know of anybody coming forward to provide a way to help us manifest it, I'd like to hear about it.

    I'm new at intentional community. I haven't been talking the talk for long, and haven't started walking the talk at all yet, except here at the shelter. I suppose it gets frustrating when people don't walk their talk.

    I'm a single father of two boys staying in a homeless shelter. Homelessness is my 'bear shit'. I suppose it's the shelter that got me started thinking about intentional community. So you see, I don't have time or energy for pipe dreams.

    I'm the one laying everything on the table, putting out concrete ideas about what might be next. I'm on the move, and hope some of the other folks here are too.

    I've got a lot of irons in the fire, and one of them is going to start glowing red, I just don't know which one yet. Depends on how much heat others manifest I suppose. Either I'll find people who want to put their heat into the same iron as me and make it glow, or I'll do something by myself.

    So it's not a matter of whether something will manifest, just who joins me.

    Love and blessings,
    Owl Watching Bear
  16. Diet:
    House relationships:
    Living space:
    Free love:
  17. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    Peace and Blessing to you Owl watching Bear

    May your journey take you where you wish to go.

    I was not aiming any of my remarks at you specifically save that of laughing With you.

    I have been on hipforums working on community for over 3 years, most of them also as moderator on communal living forum. In the personal forum Waysharing, the thread Land Community Gatherings has been present in similar form as now, since I came aboard. Within the threads of that forum, I believe all the questions you posed are answered.
    Within my time here only 1 other has come forward to partake in our attempt - and her own situation limits her input. Others have come forward, some spending relatively vast sums to make the ingredients available for others who might be interested in joining them in a community attempt, and most none have actually joined. Some have actually gone into attempts. Some are still actively pursuing their attempts. I wish all success in the Path they tread.
    Perhaps I have been here too long - I do know that the pointed message about few talking, walking it, has been true. I look for Change.

    May your life be full And Wholeness be yours

    We enhance the quality of Existence
    We fulfill our potential in a manner beneficial to All
    We seek Full Awareness, Total Cooperation
    and Complete Union with our GodSelf

    Surrounded by Love........Mind Creates the concept
    Full of Love...................Desire provides the motivation
    Channels of Love............Doing is the test
    One with Love

    Life is an opportunity and becomes what you make of it

    May the Light of Love ever Guide your Way
    Grow on ... Enjoy !

    Peace Blessings

  18. steffan

    steffan puffin

    I cruised through many a comune in the late 70's early 80's, they seem to get started with best intentions but someone has to be "in charge" you know?, organize things ect.
    and power does corrupt and most had turned into someones ommy power trip, with only a small percentage of the people doing the lions share of the work. so be very carefull on how its set up. and also you need to decide what you are going to produce, because comunitys don't survive on good intentions
  19. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    Diet: open-minded vegan
    Eco-ethics: one with the earth
    House relationships: open-minded
    Technology: very little
    Location: warm-mild
    Living space: the world is my living space, I just need somewhere to sleep
    Free love: needed by everyone
    Drugs: none
    Religion: all
    Politics: open
  20. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator


    I do hear you.
    Many now talk of consensus and speak of a 2/3 majority. The old concept of unaminous consent in the old communes is too hard and too often breaks down - yet when the time and effort and great listening is put into it, it (unaminous consent) works better and forms bonds between the members that no other model does.
    For a intentional community to work there has to be a heroic work ethic - just commitment to keep going till it's time to pass it on. And usually there is a spark plug group that does and does. And often the slackers that only come to party. Taking time to talk is so important if you can work and talk at the same time even better.
    If you are starting with few people then each person must be committed to working hard and yet to communicating even more - the quality with few is extremely important.

    Sometimes I almost wish I did not have the experience I have gathered regarding communities - while I've learned to focus on the positive - sometimes knowing the sheer monumental quality of starting community, And knowing how many start with good intentions but find it harder than they are willing to Do - the attrition rate. Knowing how many attempts fail and even more really never get beyond the talking stage - seems to almost belittle other peoples attempts - but that's not really what the warnings are about - they are about the need to immerse oneself in the Doing - without which it just don't happen.

    Now you know why I seldom post here even as moderating it - too many see it as a negative criticism - when it's really an exhortation and a prayer that more find the Way of communing with those of like mind, and create a viable alternative to a system that is not failing - it has failed.

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