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Discussion in 'Sci-Fi Movies' started by Psycho1nsane, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Was wondering if anybody could help me out with this. Remember seeing a movie or something like Tales from The Crypt on tv when I was younger in the early 90's, so it could have been made in the 80's and it was in color. All I can remember is that there was this green goblin type person dressed in black who kept chasing this guy around for some reason. He was invisible and kept entering the guys house through open windows and such trying to kill the guy but the guy was able to see him in the mirror and would freak out an run. At the end the goblin type thing chokes him to death when he's in bed and dies and the guy that he choked to death turned into him, sorta like switching bodies almost. The guy knew the only way to end that was suicide so he jumped out of his window and it ended.
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    The episode you saw was Mirror,Mirror from Amazing Stories 1986 season 1-episode 19.

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