Need help on anal masturbation!

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by goblue123, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. goblue123

    goblue123 Guest

    So, I'm a guy and I just got started into anal masturbation and I had a few questions. I'm starting off by fingering myself but my problem is I hate the scent afterwards on my finger! And it's really hard to get off, is there a way to get it off easily? And if there isn't a way is there something other than a latex glove I can use? Is there any household items I can use to pleasure my anus? I'm 18 and still live with my parents, so I don't wanna buy a dildo or sex toy or anything because I don't want them to find out. Any help would be much appreciated, and any tips on making the pleasure feel even better!
  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Try buying a packet of cheap disposable latex gloves or condoms. Find a few things around the house that look ideal as dildos or vegetables - carrots, zucchini , cucumbers etc. Depends how wide you are wanting to stretch your anus thou. Use plenty of lube - even olive oil if you have some in the kitchen or even butter is apparently useful for anal lube. A deodorant container with a rounded top is ideal as an anal toy as well. Just go from one thickness to the next with stretching anus or it may get too stretched to fast. Good Luck !
  3. Sk8Guy89

    Sk8Guy89 Guest

    I use an Hairbrush Handle. Feels great.
    Either with just spit or some lube.

    Then I wash it with soap and rubbing alcohol.
  4. justwonderin

    justwonderin Member

    I can't help with the scent issue as it never bothered me, my scent that is, waste is a different story. As far as what to use to stimulate your ass, the world is your oyster, here's a few things I have used, my fingers, screwdriver handle, hammer handle, cucumber, garden hose, carrot , sweet potato, banana, popsicle, shovel handle, chair leg, vibrator, hair brush handle, sink spigot, bottles, basically anything that looks like it would fit
  5. hitman73

    hitman73 Member

    By god some people ask stupid questions. Use a glove or condom. And an object that fits in your arse.
  6. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member

    Quit sniffing your finger!
  7. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member


    ... coat your finger in petroleum jelly before you diddle and wash it all off afterwards.
  8. Sparky Paul

    Sparky Paul Member

    A hairbrush handle wrapped with a surgical glove or condom. Go down to your local drugstore and pick one out that intrests you. ALWAYS use a proper lubricant.
  9. Swiggletree

    Swiggletree Members

    You gotta take the plunge and get a dildo. You got to find a place to hide it
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  10. Jackson00007

    Jackson00007 New Member

    Hey can I just say you don't have to be 18 to own a sex toy a person boy or girl can be 14 yo and own one that basically made no sense honestly that's like saying you have to be 18 to have sex when not true same thing a sex toy is for having sex with yourself / masturbating so yeah you only have to be 18 to go into a adult store to purchase one because they sell porn either than that u can be any fucking age to purchase a sec toy so just saying there really is not an age limit for masturbating or having actual sex or any form of sex just saying

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