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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Crayola, Jan 5, 2005.

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    ok so as some of u may kno, i teach english to french students.

    now im makin them work on the present perfect and i wanted to use an exercise they have on their book, but the person who draws the pics in that book sucks =).
    since i need some credibility it would be a good idea to be 100% sure of what the answers to the exercise are.

    the task is simple, the kids have to describe what’s just happened on the pics.
    no problem for pics 1 to 4, i mean, correct me if im wrong but
    1. he has written a letter
    2. he has found a treasure

    but wth is goin on in pic 5 ? i get it that the sentence should begin by “he has broken, or dropped…” but wth has he dropped? can someone help me understand what that object is?

    thank u =)

    the damn exercise :
  2. sasquatch

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    it kind of looks like a vacuum cleaner, but it doesn't make any sense that a vacuum cleaner would have been on that table or whatever it is. It makes more sense for it to be a vase or something, but it doesn't look like that. But i don't think you'd lose credibility by not being able to decipher that picture. Just call it "something". He has broken something. Not much help i know, sorry.
  3. shinta

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    It looks like a foodproccersor to me,but,really I don't know
  4. aaron

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    it looks like a vacuum bottle. not quite sure
  5. migle

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    and why don't you make kids use their imagination and maybe you can have a nice exercise with them in order to make the class funny, or just to make them exercise their imagination and maybe they learn some vocabulary also, i don't know, it's just and idea.
    But i'm sure though that classes with you surely are great and funny for the kids.
    And surely it's too late, but i read it now :(

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