Need help figuring out zodiac sign

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by 420everyday, May 26, 2006.

  1. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    My sons birthday is June 21. When I searched for his sign, I got 2 anwsers- gemini & cancer. Can someone please tell me the right sign???
  2. it means he's a cusp... between two signs...
  3. Yeah thats confusing my best friend was born between two signs,he has traits from both signs,but its really hard for him to be in a love type of relationship because one of his signs gets along great with the person but his other sign may not....its confusing,but maybe its just my friend
  4. White Feather

    White Feather Senior Member

    He's probably just trying to rationalise his behaviour since his real chart will most likely show many inter-related aspects. Being born on a cusp really has very little meaning since the Sun will have to be in either one or the other sign. So if it has to do with the opposite sex relationships then he could look at the 7th house sign, if work related relationships, then he'd look at the 10th house, parents would be another sign as would the home. Then there is Karmic Astrology...
  5. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    Thanks for the all the info. I was very confused about it. Does it matter that he was born on the first day of summer with the sun? Also, if it matters he was born 9:45 p.m.. I appreciate all the help. He's only 8 yrs. old now, but me & my wife would like to explain all this to him when he better understands it.
  6. what year and what city of birth?

    i'm getting a zero degree cancer sun, but i used my city so it could be off by a couple degrees.

    i personally don't use cusps, i think you're either one sign or the other.

    you can go to to type in his birth data, it will even give you some general profile descriptions
  7. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    He was born in Kingston, PA. 6/21/1996.Thanks for the help betty.
  8. dietcoketree

    dietcoketree Member

    i was ALSO born june 21.

    i consider myself a gemini becuase i can relate to the characterisics, and not so much with cancer.

    geminis are communicaters, two faced, and energetic. i am all of those/

    cancers are more sincere and all that crap lol and i dont really see eye to eye with that.

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