Need encouragement to go barefoot

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by nr3c, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. deancolby68

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    It's good to know we're not all alone.... it's a thing believe it or not... I like it lol
  2. BarefootedBoy

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    Me too. There are a lot of us out here.
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  3. txbarefooter

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    this is very good advice. wear flipflops/sandals without socks at home, slip them off when seated, slip them back on until you get used to the feeling of not wearing inclosed shoes around family. then just leave the sandals off. most probably won't notice or care
  4. quodlibet

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    One thing worth thinking about: if you do make the plunge, you'll be treading a very well-worn path. Convention-breakers have always been a traditional part of society (they're the canary-in-the-cage, if you like, in terms of being able to gauge a community's tolerance and broadmindedness), and breaking norms is as old as observing them (if you don't have 'rules,' how can rule-breakers be seen to be breaking them?!). I wouldn't want to live in a world where large numbers of people across the globe couldn't all assert their individuality in the same way by choosing to leave their shoes and socks at home.
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  5. M_Ranko

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    So, specifically, you don't want your family members to see your feet, or you don't want anyone to see your feet? Well, this is an interesting one. Here's something that I've already suggested before: Shower time. The best excuse and the best cover story there is, and the best point to get started. Every time you take a shower, when you come out, postpone and delay putting your socks on for as long as you can. Because you just took a shower, as in, got yourself wet with water, you can get away with wearing less clothes based on that alone. If you took that shower on a quiet day, when there isn't any pressing need to leave the house, you could get away with walking around barefoot inside the house the entire rest of the day, simply because everybody is aware that you just took a shower earlier, and therefore it makes sense that you're not wearing your full getup immediately after. It won't look strange.

    Another good "attack vector" is sleepy time. If you're already in the habit of sleeping barefoot, once you get up, simply "forget" to put your socks on once you get out of bed. Unless you have a busy schedule that day, you can easily get away with walking around barefoot casually, simply because your family will be aware that you just got up, and haven't had the time to dress up properly yet, thus you won't look suspicious.

    At the end of the day, if you really wanna do this seriously, you'll have to learn to suck it up, and accept the fact that your feet WILL be visible for all to see, because the very definition of "barefoot" implies that a specific part of your body has been uncovered by removing the protective layer of clothes, and there's really no way to fake this. The tips above hopefully will make the transitioning feel easier. It's always easier, when you have a justification for your actions. Over time, your family members will get so used to seeing your feet, it hopefully won't register to them anymore.

    I hope this helped, and a happy New Year to you, sir. The other users have already posted some very good points.
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  6. SoftSoles

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    Since you enjoy spending time barefoot, the only way you'll overcome 'the individual hurdle' is to repeatedly expose your feet in the company of others, thus, increasing self-confidence. In the comfort of your own home, the removal of socks and (dare I say it) shoes shouldn't raise any eyebrows or suspicion over your desire to be barefoot, since they are many who simply prefer to wear nothing upon their feet when indoors.

    For example, a friend of mine has always insisted upon a no-shoe policy when visiting his house. As such, footwear is removed in the porch before entering his lounge. To my knowledge he doesn't possess a fetish for feet nor does he adhere to a barefoot lifestyle - he simply wishes to ensure that his house remains free from dirty foot prints upon his carpets and wooden flooring.

    For someone like me who prefers to be barefoot, his no shoe policy means that my feet are always exposed in his company and whoever else happens to be present when visiting. Yesterday evening is case in point. After slipping my feet out of their Vibram Classics, upon arriving for a New Years' Eve gathering (we're all now too old and mature to party), my feet remained bare throughout, as did those of my wife after she'd removed her Ugg style boots.

    Did the presence of my exposed feet, or those of my wife, attract any comments or ridicule from those who also were present? No, they didn't, particularly since the majority of those present regularly see me barefoot, fully aware of my largely barefoot lifestyle. Moreover, although he wasn't present yesterday evening, another who regularly attends gatherings at my friend's house during winter months always brings his slippers with him, since he simply likes to be comfortable.

    Is he ridiculed over such? Again, no he isn't.

    Ultimately, it's very much a case of each to their own, nr3c. If you like to be barefoot, simply remove your shoes and socks, since it's unlikely to result in ridicule that you fear it will. Remember, even those who don't fully adhere to a barefoot lifestyle probably won't even notice, particularly since they often go barefoot indoors themselves.

    Of course, painted toe nails and adornments such as anklets and toe rings will undoubtedly attract attention and curiosity, but if your feet remain free from the afore-mentioned, you should have little to worry about.
  7. nuspieds

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    And going barefoot feels so fucking wonderful and exciting that you just HAVE to do it! Find your space and DO it!❤️
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  8. Joe45432

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    Just do it, The main place i would go barefoot is a library, I dont actually go barefoot in the street i put my shoes and socks back on, but i love the feeling of being barefoot in a place where its public,

    I even walk to the printer barefoot and to the bin,

    So sit by me and you'll be barefoot with me
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  9. nr3c

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    You all seem to have good ideas. I am sure nothing would be said if I go barefoot at home. Keep up the encouragement. Hope it continus to help.
  10. Killa1989

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    I’m going to start of by asking with how old are you?
    I had a post recently about me being extremely foot shy how I think the older you get the less you care.
    I turned 21 and promised myself I would start then and i have.

    Start off by always sleeping barefoot , I use to have socks on 24/7 so sometimes I couldnt sleep because my feet were to cold but I still did it.
    I’ve been sleeping barefoot for a year now and my feet get hot everytime I put socks on which is awesome.
    Also when you’re out the shower just remain barefoot make a mess of all your socks like drop water on all of them , make a accident so you won’t have clean socks to put on, I also did that. I actually starting throwing once a day until I had 5 , so I run out fast so I can stay barefoot. Also upload a picture of you’re feet like me lol
    I just overcame my foot shyness 2 months ago that’s when I turned 21.
    But before that I was slowly working myself into a barefooter when I was 17 I got so drunk and “accidentally fell on water” I had to be barefoot throughout a whole party it was so embarrassing now I’m glad I did that. I regret not going barefoot more , don’t regret things you’ll get older then you’ll get mad at yourself, like I’m mad at my 15 year old and before that.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Start Off By Sleeping Barefoot......WTF..... This Post Has To Be Some Kind Of A Joke At The

    Expense Of Genuine Barefooters.....???...:rage:

    Cheers Glen.
  12. wilsjane

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    Jane and I are often barefoot around the house and garden. I don't think that most people even notice, let alone think that we are odd.
    I am surprised that so much fetish connection is seen in an everyday habit. We both wear comfortable leather shoes at work, but neither of us own a pair of sneakers. Jane has 1 pair of heels that she wears a couple of times a year at weddings and other special occasions, but even those are quite a low heel and not impossible to walk in.
  13. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    Water, that 's a pretty good encouragement to go barefoot. Falling in the pool with your clothes on, getting caught in the rain, swimming, after a shower, all great excuses to get 'em off.
  14. nr3c

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    I am doing it
  15. nr3c

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    Where is the private message
  16. nr3c

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    I am 54 years old.
  17. nr3c

    nr3c Member

    I wonder how long it will take for going barefoot to feel normal to me.
  18. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    Don't worry about that. The more you do it, the more natural it will feel.
  19. Joe45432

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    You get used to it Just start small if you want by taking your shoes off in certain places for a few hours, (maybe whilst your not wearing socks)
  20. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    Hmmm, 54 and still struggling to foot shyness? Usually this fades as you age as in my case. If this is still bothering you at your age, perhaps you should talk with a professional of some sort.

    Just my $0.02

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