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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by LAGoff, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. LAGoff

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    I would like the name of a marijuana brand that will allow me to work hard around the house but won't cause paranoia. I know that Indica is the way to go, but I need a specific name to tell the store or order online (I'm in California and it's legal now for recreational use). Some Indica's I assume are more paranoia producing than others. I need one that will get me on top of my body (I'm 56) so I can finish a tough job. Maybe CBD oil is the way to go. I never tried it, but if it can get me on top of my body and -- I assume have absolutely no head trip/paranoia effects -- should I go that route?
    PS: I only recently learned that Indica is much less paranoia producing. Someone grew for me White Widow-- a brand of Indica, but it still made me a little paranoid. O the paranoid stories I could tell. Funny when I look back on them and tell them, but deadly earnest when they occurred.
  2. eggsprog

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    Indicate tend to be more sedating - not so great for being productive.

    Try a sativa strain with higher levels of CBD. Should help with the paranoia.
  3. Driftrue

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    ^ I was thinking the same thing. Sativa.

    I'd keep an eye on the paranoia though, because I believe some people just shouldn't toke.
  4. quark

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    You need the shit the captain of the Titanic was smoking before he bumped into that iceberg.
  5. Asmodean

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    Could be some g ood hash might work better for OP than any kind of weed. I definitely stay more productive on hash myself.
  6. rollingalong

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    just tell the bud tender you want a strain with 1 to 1 thc to cbd….it will be around 8 and 8 or in that area….and indica is far ore sedative than sativa....generally they say day time for sativa and night time for indica....the cbd is what helps with paranoia
  7. LAGoff

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    Thanks. I probably will need to order the stuff you mentioned online. I don't see myself going to a shop. Can you translate it into a thing I can order online? Like what do I buy (order online)?: a 1 thc and a 1 cbd to add (like a drop) to a ? of 1 thc? and what is "8 to 8"? Or perhaps this is well known jargon and I should just email the online shop till I get a response and have them order it for me?
    As far as your 'generally' statement. I have not found that to be true. The two species have the same bodily activating effect; it's just that the paranoia of the sativa drives me from the roof/ladder (if I'm painting my house) because some really plausible scenario is blooming out of control.

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