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  1. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Does anyone know anything about the original script? I am not talking about the work of H.P.Lovecraft. I have been given a translation downloaded from the net, but I am certain that it's been tampered with. Apparently, this book was banned for centuries. Does anyone know where the original copy is stored? I heard that it's in the British Library in London. Is it true that it was written on human skin, or just a Hollywood fantasy? Is it really as dangerous as it is claimed to be?
  2. Bloody_Kisses

    Bloody_Kisses Thizzler

    i have been really interested in that book for awhile now. i hope someone knows something.
  3. Doran

    Doran Member

    are we talking about the Necronomicon from Evil Dead?
  4. gnombient

    gnombient Member

    The Necronomicon is a hoax. There is no original manuscript, and the versions you can get through Amazon or wherever-- that have been banned in x country or whatever-- are a bunch of bunk.

    The Pnakotic Manuscripts, on the other hand... ;)
  5. What are Pnakotic Manuscripts?
  6. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    Hahaha the entire thing is B.S. :rolleyes:
  7. Lol being written out of human skin, reminds me of this movie about witches where theres a talking cat n it used to be human. The witches try to get the book from this bro sis and a gf.
  8. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    i'm afraid you're going to be a bit disappointed. (and i'm sure someone else is going to be quite indignant.:rolleyes: ) but i've 14 years of experience with occultism, and one of the things i've learned was the true history of the "text". this information comes from various occult encyclopedias, and discussions face-to-face and online with people who knew the involved parties.

    the necronomicon that is supposedly bound with human skin and all that rubbish is strictly folklore. there are several published texts claiming to be the necronomicon, the most common of which is published by avon books in mass-market paperback format and can be bought at barnes and noble, or just about anywhere. it has a companion spellbook, and its "discovery" was credited to a "mysterious monk" named simon.

    there is another "pop" necronomicon; i forget the "author" or "editor" credited with its unearthing; its companion volume is called the r'lyeh text. these books are also commonly available at places like borders and barnes & noble.

    the avon books version is by far the most popular; it is the origin of the necronomicon sigil that can be found on everything from t-shirts to silver jewelry at some occult shops. originally it was puplished by the magickal childe, which was an excellent, old-school occult shop in new york city that closed about 10 years ago. which is too bad, because it really was neat. the magickal childe was owned by an individual named herman slater, who died of AIDS in the early 90's. during his life he was considered a notorious prankster within the occult community and made a lot of enemies. the magickal childe was known as the warlock shop during the 70's, and was located within 2 blocks of the neighborhood where HP Lovecraft lived during his brief, miserable stay in New York; it was here that Necronomicon was "discovered", left at the shop by "simon" in the hands of none other than, you guessed it, "horrible herman" slater.

    truth be told mr. slater was of course well aware of the proximity of his shop to the former residence of mr. lovecraft, if for no other reason than because of all the cthulhu mythos fanboys who fancied themselves to be Great and Powerful Magicians who kept coming into his shop searching for the text. now i really don't know what kind of an occultist mr. slater was, having never met him personally, but he was an excellent businessman, so of course, when a "mysterious monk" just "happened" to stop by his shop with a briefcase containing the manuscript of the "real" necronomicon, he took advantage of the opportunity presented and saw fit to publish it. at great personal and spiritual risk to himself, of course.:rolleyes:

    the truth be told there is no way that anyone with even a smattering knowledge of occultism, its history, and literature can take this "mysterious" and "highly dangerous" text too seriously. looking at the "secret rituals" it contains we see a system of stellar or planetary magicks, with invented sigils, heavy flavored with sumerian mythology and glossed over with lovecraft's cthulhu mythos. the observant reader with any literary knowledge will recognize snippets of mis-quoted shakespeare and other high-sounding phrases stirred into the mix to add "authenticity" to the rituals.

    this book is a joke, as are the rival "true" versions whose publications followed, all discovered by different occultists at great personal risk, of course. its psuedo-archaic language is laughably bogus. there is no way these phrases ever dripped from the desperate pen of an ancient "mad arab", or, for that matter, a "mysterious monk". and i suppose, on a certain level, there's nothing wrong with that. in a day when alex sanders was still running around claiming to have recieved his book of shadows upon initiation by his grandmother, to produce a magickal system so outrageously tongue-in-cheek and impossible to take seriously had to take a lot of balls. oberon (then otter) zell (now zell-ravenheart) drew the mythology for the church of all worlds from heinlen's stranger in a strange land, why not a mythology based on lovecraft? planetary magicks have been practiced in one form or another for centuries; i suppose a created monstrous mythos and self-induced element of fear might highten awareness and intensity; although personally i don't see why a serious magician would want to, as there are better ways of going about it. to each there own i guess.

    so will the rituals in the necronomicon work? yes, i suppose so, i've been told they have by people who have done them, but no more no less so than any other occult system. are they dangerous? i don't know. are you dangerous?

    i've spent 14 years studying various aspects of occultism, from crowley and western ceremonial magick to american ecclectic wicca. and if i've learned nothing else its that it really doesn't make a bit of difference if you're reading from gardner's book of shadows or the key of solomon or the necronomicon, or the holy bible, for that matter. power just doesn't work like that. it is not the books or the tools or the robes or the incense or the trappings and trinkets that lend power to the occultists true work, its the mystic themselves. it is the essential you-ness you bring to those rituals, how strong you let that you-ness be, and what you do with it that counts.

    ok, you twisted my arm. i admit i lied, as part of a blind to keep dangerous occult materials out of the wrong hands. you can find the real necronomicon, human skin bindings and all, on the shelf of your local occult shop, in the space between tarostar's latest formulary and the silver ravenwolf teen witch kit. but you'll have to look closely, because it is protected by such powerful magics that it's invisible!

    now run along and play.:rolleyes:
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    my Boyfriend got me the Necronomicon spell book for christmas! I've never heard anything about it...and well, as strange as it as to recieve it, it was kind of interesting. I'm a spiritual fan and was interested in trying a little bit of it. The thought of practicing an anciant sumerian religion was exciting. So..I start doing some research and all I can find is everyone talking about how bogus it all is. Severly dissapointing...I thought it was an ancient sumerian religion.... *sighs*
  10. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Thank you to everyone so far for their contribution. It has been ellucidating. There were 9 replies and 33 participants. A small number, but highly significant for a subject that I didn't expect many to know about. A special thank you to the archangel Michael and full cudoes to kitty for shining the light on the path to follow. My interest in this is pure academic and not the selfish whim of a demonlater. I have studied Crowley, although at the time I felt Aleister was studying me. Anyway, I would like to get hold of a copy of the original. It's probably in papyrus and very delicate. If you hear any news, or gossip, please let me know. X
  11. SimpleMan

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    I beliieve that it is evil...I've had friends who have messed with it and they've told me they got the crap scared out of them...Demon possesed nightmares and being totally wrapped up in it...don't go there man. Satan loves to take you to places that your curiosity yearns for...but in the end you wind up lost, broken, and sometimes dead or insane.

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