Nearly 43,000 Marijuana Records Automatically Cleared In Connecticut, Days Before First Adult-Use Sa

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    The governor of Connecticut announced on Sunday that the state has cleared nearly 43,000 records for marijuana-related convictions.

    Gov. Ned Lamont (D) previously noted last month that legalization legislation he signed in 2021 empowered the state government to facilitate mass cannabis clemency, which it has now processed for 42,964 cases. This comes about a week before the state’s first legal adult-use marijuana sales are set to launch.

    “It’s one step forward in ending the War on Drugs and giving our citizens a second chance to achieve their dreams,” Lamont said.

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    Source : GreenPot MD
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    I am a CT resident and native. I have never smoked anything in my entire life. If this saves our state money and paperwork in time, then I'm for this measure.

    Lamont probably looked north to Massachusetts to see how sales and revenue have gone for them.
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