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    For anyone who can get to Cape Cod, Massachusetts on June 12, you might be interested in this. It's a chance to meet a crowd of naturists and do something useful as a clothed activity, get a free lunch (most likely pizza), and then head off to a nude beach for the afternoon if the weather allows. See the links at the end for more information. The second one tells you about free camping available the night before the event at a nudist resort elsewhere on Cape Cod.

    Volunteers Needed for Beach Clean Up at Herring Cove Beach,
    Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown, MA
    9:00 am, Saturday, June 12, 2004

    The Cape Cod Nudist and Naturists coalition is announcing plans for its 8th annual beach clean-up. The event is open to all volunteer Nudists, Naturists and their friends.

    THANKS to the many volunteers of the past seven years, our time and efforts have gained positive understandings with CCNS officials and the local community. Traditional clothing optional areas have been hassle free because of our volunteers. Based on successes, another beach clean up is scheduled to reaffirm that we are environmentally aware and good for business. The nude sunbathers drawn to the Cape each summer are responsible partners in managing this fragile environment.

    This opportunity to build credibility with the CCNS officials cannot be ignored. Ultimately we hope traditional clothing optional areas can be restored on Cape Cod.

    A pre-clean up count is important to schedule the services and PR handouts provided by CCNS and the coalition. A THANK YOU noon picnic will be held at Herring Cove Beach followed by nude relaxing on a nearby beach. As lunch will be served in the parking lot, you might want to bring a folding chair. A dinner group will meet at the Seascape Motor Inn in Truro at 5PM.

    With luck the rain date of June 13 will not be needed.

    Turn this clean up into a fun filled weekend mini vacation in P Town.

    This event is in memory of Ellie Mae Falconer who gave of her time regardless of circumstances to preserve clothing optional free beaches.

    The coalition of Nudists and Naturists working to restore hassle free nude use to some Cape Cod beaches are members of the following organizations, which can be found on the INTERNET.


    Let's hear from you ASAP!

    To register send your Name, Address, Phone Number (in case we have to reach you) and Club affiliation if you have one, to either:

    Bill Falconer
    Sunchasers Travel Club
    Phone/FAX 413-583-6877
    George Winlock
    Naturist Action Committee
    e-mail: cod 2004.asp cod 04 info.asp

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