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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by MistyMountainTop, Sep 2, 2005.

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    I have read so much about natutal hallunogens (like jimmsonweed, datura, belladona). It seems to me like half of the shit that's illeagal with an exception of H and coke, seem to be safer for the mind, heart, lungs than this herbal shit. Can anyone shed light on my dilema?

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    as far as jimson weed goes its not illegal because no one even wants to do it and those who do diserve what happens to them,ive never heard of anything who did that shit wanting to ever do it again,and never heard of anything actuly wanting to do it as a matter of fact,also you just named pretty much the same drug jimsonweed and dature is the same shit,pretty much all the other herbal drugs are fine remeber alot of natural drugs are illegal. weed,mescaline,DMT,shrooms,opium, many other drugs are natural chemicals, even cocaine is made from a natural plant so you have to be more spefice,about which natural drugs,pretty much the exection of jimsonweed everything else is what would be constierd a normal drug
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    in certain regards, yes. for example, LSD, psilocybian mushrooms, and peyote are all far safer for you than tropane containing plants such as you listed. on the other hand, woodrose seeds or salvia are probably quite a bit safer than, say, heroin or crack cocaine.

    also, salvia is very likely to be quite a bit safer than a number of illegal psychedelics, simply for the fact that it lasts such a brief period of time, it's legal and will be unadulterated unless otherwise specified, etc.

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