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    Unite Against Fascism are calling for everyone who wants to stop the fascists to come together and join in with mass leafleting on these days. Be creative - think of any stunts that can gain publicity in local press. We want the fascists to know that up and down the country local communities are organising against them and they will not make an electoral breakthrough on June 10th!
    So organise now in your workplaces, union branches, schools and colleges, community groups churches, temples and mosques to involve as many people as possible. See the website for details[​IMG]

    Also check this link out:

    for the BBC's documentary of the BNP. It's very enlightening and shows them up for what they really are. Fascists.

    Love Clairexxx

    n.b. Just to explain on here too, before anyone thinks I am mad[​IMG]

    *UFO* or *UFO.* or *Claire.* was trying to promote racial hatred using this thread and also by spamming my UK Parties and Protests forum with links to BNP related websites.

    Because of my clearly anti fascist stance he also tried to mildly threaten me in PM's.

    After being banned twice he resorted to trying to impersonate me[​IMG]

    What a meanie!

    Love Clairexxx
  2. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    excellent, the bnp really are a group that repressent the dregs of society...

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