Naked in the swimming pool

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Ancient One, Jul 8, 2013.

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    So late at night July 3, I took one and a half hits of good WoW, and finally had a wonderful time. The come up was happy, warm, and joyful. A later walk around the block with a tripping friend and a trip sitter produced rainbow circles around every light source, and an aggressive public confidence,and then even later stripping naked and cruising back and forth across the cool, smooth pool in the dark. Cruising along under water was like evolving into a fish, calm and in no need of air, eyes closed, floating weightless in the zero gravity darkness surrounded by closed eye visuals of neuron like octopoids drifting in wide open space, long plasma-like tentacles waving in slow symmetry, always knowing, eyes closed, where the sides of the pool were. I fascinated myself making "perfect hand symbol" motions combining math and art, and considering at length the wonder of ancient wisdom condensed into summative didactic art: the yin yang symbol as a graphic display of the water molecules structure, balance, and resonance with more than itself, a display of particle duality, and quantum mechanics. A world of calm beauty.

    Looking into a mirror, my half sleeve tattoo shimmered and gently animated. I could see fat deposits under the skin in my face.

    Past four hours, a continuing ramping up, resulting in my remaining frozen on the staircase mid step clinging to the bannister slumped over immersed in a colorful disorienting disconcerting internal world for quite some time.

    Even later, making it to bed to feverishly descend into a demonic sex orgy of many, surrounded by demonic sex minions...
  2. EugenesAxe

    EugenesAxe Member

    Those demon orgy's are always what I look forward to.

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