NAFTA is Bullshit and Always Was

Discussion in 'Politics' started by relaxxx, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. relaxxx

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    This is some rich ass fucking bullshit. Trump crying about Canada taking advantage of the United States. From a God damn country who's currency is artificially inflated 30% higher than ours. The USA has been fucking Canadians up the ass for decades. Free trade has always been fucking bullshit. Economically strong arming Canada and getting whatever fucking resources they want and discount prices. And they can keep their nasty ass hormone milk, or sell it to China or some other place that needs it. We don't need or want that shit.

    I wish I was Justin, If Trump wants to be a lying bitch, I'd shut the fucking border right down. No products, no oil, no water, no fucking anything in either direction, even turn off the electrical power we sell to New York. We'd see who'd be hurtin'. Mother fuckers!
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  2. My milk is organic.
  3. It's almond milk... :innocent:
  4. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    Nut juice, I used to put it in my coffee. Then they raised the price of it. Probably because free trade is a sad fucking joke.

  5. True, but should probably be angrier at the mexicans, seriously, its such a lop sided deal
  6. SpacemanSpiff

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    our premium lumber is garbage compared to what we sell to the south
  7. Balbus

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    Ok so I saw the thread and thought OK yes NAFTA - its in the news and I’d like to join in on a serious discussion on trade policy – then I opened the thread

    Ho Hum…………..

    Well if you want something done as the old saying goes……and so I’ve started a new thread if anyone is intrested?
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  8. Okiefreak

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    Billionaire Ross Perot said that if NAFTA were passed, we'd hear a "giant sucking sound" of jobs headed south. Pull the plug on NAFTA and you'll hear a giant sucking sound of the North American economy and stock market going down the drain. The only possible compensating benefit would be Trump going down the drain with it.
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  9. GuerrillaLorax

    GuerrillaLorax along the peripheries of civilization

    Yeah, screw NAFTA...

    "Strategic initiatives and policies of increased militarization came with the advent of NAFTA in the 90’s. The NAFTA era was a brutal one. Salinas de Gortari’s government in Mexico destabilized the economy, devastated food security, and eliminated Article 27 of Mexican Constitution which changed communal landholding laws to allow private property speculation. As people lost their land through speculative and predatory lending practices, the peso tanked, and the markets were flooded with US subsidized agriculture. A rural to urban migration to the cities soon became a trek north. The “free trade zones” of the border only lasted a few years before they moved to Asia. This was also a period of increased border militarization.

    Beginning in 1994, Congress and the Border Patrol acted jointly to initiate a policy of “prevention through deterrence,” that would “elevate the risk of apprehension to a level so high that prospective illegal entrants would consider it futile to enter the U.S. illegally.” The urban cities were sealed in the 90s through a series of operations that built border infrastructure and pushed people into the remote desert. " - Dispatches from the Borderlands

    "In addition to its ruinous effects on American industrial communities, NAFTA’s aftermath in Mexican agricultural communities was truly catastrophic. As part of its preparation for the agreement, the Mexican government amended Article 27 of its own constitution to allow for the privatization of communally-held campesino and indigenous land. NAFTA then permitted heavily-subsidized American agribusiness giants like Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland to flood the Mexican market with cheap imports of corn and other agricultural products, undercutting nearly all small-scale Mexican farmers. Exactly as the Zapatistas predicted, this drove millions of rural Mexicans, many of whom were already living in desperate poverty, off the land and straight into the abyss. This in turn set off a massive wave of migration as millions and millions of people left their homes to find work in Mexican cities, in sweatshops primarily owned by American corporations in northern Mexico, and in the United States." - Designed to Kill
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  10. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Are you talking about almond milk?
  11. McFuddy

    McFuddy HaHaHa Joke’s on you Batman

    He rubs one out in his coffee.
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  12. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

  13. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    Almonds don't lactate, it's nut juice. Well technically it's not a real nut either. The most popular nuts are not nuts, what a fucked up bunch of assholes we are.
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  14. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I agree actually, if one wants to go organic with their milk there's little need to go soy or almond. Just get real organic milk.
  15. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Are almonds the most popular over there? I think here its still peanuts (which is not a nut either!)
  16. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    I guess Canada signed up for another round of ass poundings. "Trudeau says it's 'a good day for Canada,' but does not elaborate" - CBC News. They get to sell us cheap nasty old milk and MAYBE they won't screw us too hard on steel and automotive, Trump hasn't decided yet, how hard to screw us, I guess. But we are going to get fucked on many electronics from China. Just because they move through the USA to us and they're imposing 10% tariffs as of today and 25% in January. Like I said "free trade" never was free, it's all about governments and rich industry leaders FUCKING OVER the common people. There's nothing free about it, just a bunch of shady deals. It's the complete opposite of FREE. It's our capitalist governments punishing us because its capitalist corporations and industries have sold us out. From greedily outsourcing and taking advantage of other countries in the first place.
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  17. Orison

    Orison my dog is full of walls Staff Member Super Moderator

    NAFTA = Not A Free Trade Agreement
  18. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    If nobody wants and buys the cheap old US milk that part of the problem would solve itself me thinks
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  19. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    But, but...the Donald's team concluded this agreement and signed off on it, and he's touting it as the deal of the century. Time for a change in the party line?
  20. GuerrillaLorax

    GuerrillaLorax along the peripheries of civilization

    "In the quarter of a century since the passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), globalized capitalism has inflicted grievous damage on the biosphere, indigenous populations, and workers’ rights. Industrial production has shifted to the parts of the world where labor is cheapest, while structural adjustment programs have made it impossible for governments to maintain any sort of social safety net; from the United States to Honduras and Bangladesh, this has created a race to the bottom."

    "Trump has pretended to be critical of neoliberal free trade, but in practice, he has just introduced a more xenophobic and oppressive version of the policies of his predecessors. This is the one-two punch of the complementary Democratic and Republican agendas: the Democrats have paved the way for the neoliberal order that is steadily concentrating wealth, while the Republicans are intensifying the violence that preserves that order. The Democrats introduced NAFTA, forcing millions to flee financial collapse in Mexico to seek precarious work at illegally low wages in the United States, and the Republicans are escalating police and military operations against those precarious undocumented workers—ensuring that they are divided from the other workers who would have to organize with them in order for anyone’s conditions to improve." - Turning the Army Against the People

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