Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by Inebriate X, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Inebriate X

    Inebriate X Member

    i found this pill in my house recently... a blue/ white capsule called nabilone, or cesemet. yesterday i drank some brandy and snorted about 6 of these gelcaps of nabilone, i didn't know it was a hallucinogen... had a bad trip, but i think it could possibly be a god trip if i tried it again w/o alcohol. the reason i had a bad trip was because i didnt KNOW i would trip. anyone have experence with this drug?
  2. Death

    Death Grim Reaper

    no not me. and i doubt anyone ele either.
  3. Daedalus

    Daedalus Member

  4. Inebriate X

    Inebriate X Member

    nobody has their own experience?
  5. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    Since it's a synthetic cannabinoid, I'll move the thread to the synthetic drug forum, and see if you get any more responses.
  6. NorCaliGreenFiend

    NorCaliGreenFiend Senior Member

    so, you just snorted some pills you found? that sounds safe.
  7. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    At least she didn't shoot it. :)
  8. d0c_strang3

    d0c_strang3 Member

    yep tons of experience with nabilone..the capsule you got was a 1mg..snorting it is pretty pointless actually all it made me do was vomit and I only have .5 mg capsules. the overall weight was like 180-200mgs with only one active mg, the rest being time release buffer. This is a synthetic cannabinoid. I gave them up as I do prefer to smoke herb on occasion, problem being is that my tolerance went through the roof. I had 10 bottles of 500 .5 mg tabs at one point and I waaaaaaaay over indulged on many occasions. The most across a 24 hour period was 48mg, 96 of the little red and white capsules also smoked 1/2 oz of some fine fine bubble hash, basically slept for 3 days on and off afterward, too melted, too lucid for my tastes. Every puff though was additive and enhanced the synthetic. Found in your house sounds pretty strange considering they are typically reserved for people with severe pain issues, wasting syndrome associated with HIV and cancer as well as severe glaucoma where smoked or even eaten herb simply is too unreliable regarding timed dosage

    combo'd pretty well with pure mdma mdea mda and pressed extacy tablets combo'd REALLY well with foxy and brought out mass visuals with a heavy dose of 2c-e and 2c-t-7 (separtely not at the same time mind you)

    It has been some time since the last of the last were consumed and my tolerance is just now subsiding, I still can't smoke herb two days in a row though, the second day or third even, unless there are multiple strains and forms (hash, keif, oil), short lasting understated effects. My suggestion would be, if you like herb, to stay away from these things in any regular capacity. Once a month would be plenty
  9. sam&ella

    sam&ella Member

    it's actually a fairly decent adjunct when prescribed with oxy, 15mg or 30mg, to allay the effects of fibromyalgia.

    side effect? sugar cravings (brownies, choc. ice cream and donoughts)
  10. Inebriate X

    Inebriate X Member

    i didnt just snort what i found, i did research them a bit, thats why i knw the name of them. idk about them alone, but mixed with alcohol is some trippy motherfuking shit.

    and ps, im a girl. look at where it says 'vag' under my name.
  11. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    Oops. Sorry! :)

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