Mysterious Illness Caused By Marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Motion, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Anyone had issues with this?

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    Some people do vomit from weed and zero tolerance. ANY drug will always have people who don't like it. Over the counter common pain killers like Tylenol could give you an allergic reaction and kill you. It's so rare and it helps so many we accept that risk. Chances are you are not the 1 in a million person the drug sucks for.

    Weed is also a well known medicine for sickness from chemotherapy. For 99.9% of people it's not going to cause sickness.We would have to know for sure how the plant is grown or what's cooked in the edible. Weed is legal in my state despite that you could still find poorly grown weed in stores for several years. A grower who makes mistakes and allows mites will use pesticides you don't want to smoke.This is common in street weed since people are growing it in closets.

    Sounds like this women is that 1 in a million. Facts are weed helps a lot of people and honestly a lot of people just like to get stoned and that's fine. My experiences with people getting sick are rare it was always temporary. Like once they vomit they are fine. Sort of like when you drink too much and the same. You are sick and then what made you sick is gone.

    The link suggests weed being stronger now is causing this. That is a myth. Weed has always been strong. This plant has been used for thousands of years. Humans long ago figured out the simple fact that if you don't let the females get pollinated then you can get really high from those female plants. Some people think that only came with hydroponics and indoor growing in the 70's. It's easier to get potent pot indoors but nature gives man plenty too.

    Traditionally there has been a market for cheap pollinated weed since it's cheap and easy to grow. That does not mean there was not also a marker for good weed. The 1 in million was getting sick 1,000 years ago too.

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    Ah, The Consequences of Cannabis
  7. Motion

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    I wonder if there is an indica vs sativa difference with this?
  8. Motion

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    Do a 'marijuana CHS' search on YouTube. Several people have uploaded videos on their experiences with CHS.

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