Mycelium only growing on one side of jar

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Strawberry_Fields_Fo, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. So, SWIM is finally doing it!! Jars were inoculated on 7/14. There was some trouble with the temp initially. They had an aquarium heater that supposedly would heat to a max of 85, but when they set it to the max and checked on it a few hours later (after the jars had been sitting in it) the water temp read 130!!! They freaked out and thought they'd killed the spores, and turned the heat off completely for a few days, then finally got it to a point where it's about 82 in the actual incubator.

    As of 7/19 the first signs of mycelium were showing! There's now growth on 3 out of the 4 inoculated jars. Two holes were drilled through each jar and both were inoculated with about 0.5cc per hole. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, only one side in each of the jars is growing. So, the question is, is it just going to take longer for the mycelium to overtake the jars? Or will the mycelium lose strength/get contaminated before it's able to fully colonize? SWIM knows all they can do is wait, but they're wondering if they shouldn't inoculate some more jars in the meantime and try again for both sides to get colonized. They've heard it's too risky/not worth it to try to re-inoculate the other side of the jars growing now.

    If the mycelium's really strong but only on one side, could you still birth it and just have a narrow, lopsided half-cake that still produces fruit? Has anyone else had this happen to them and still found a successful flush at the end?
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    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    Sometimes it takes a while. The mycelium won't go bad, just give it some time.

    I've seen shrooms sprout up from inside the jar before.

    I inoculate from four points to help speed the process.
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    You took the words right out of my mouth. :)
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    try room temps.. no need to use heaters in the summer for mice growth..

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