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Discussion in 'Free Love' started by JohnFashion, Aug 3, 2013.

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    So I met this hispanic lady the other night at a club. She was not only very sexy, but dressed in a revealing way. Although nothing about her screamed virgin, it didn't necessarily mean she'd be easy to win over. These kind of women really stand out and I didn't have any luck with them previously. As soon as I saw her I just danced towards her. We the danced for about 5 minutes in a slightly sexual manner at times.

    I was alone but I said that I had some friends with me who were around. I bought her a drink and made sure to leave a tip as she was watching. I then asked if she wanted to sit down and she quickly said no, let's dance. After all the smooching I said I'd better do something to keep the momentum going. I asked if she was going home soon. She said no, because she'd just arrived. We then gradually defused and she went off with her friends, which I showed I was cool with as I didn't want to look needy. I continued to have a good time arond the place without her. She later came back and another guy started dancing with her. I beaconed her over towards me but I guess she couldn't just leave the guy she was with.

    Although I wasn't expecting to get her to come home with me, I said I'd better still stay around in case something might happen.. as it isn't often I get with a girl this hot. Later on I was caught making my mistake! I was trying to keep an eye on her while sitting at a table behind some grasses.. so that I'd be better prepared for what to do next. But it was surprising difficult to find a spot from where I could see her without her potentially being able to see me. She was now talking to a different guy in the outdoor section near the water fountain. She then looked over and saw me staring at her through the grasses. She of course looked away and continued to chat.. acting as if nothing happened.

    Still though, I knew she had seen me and that any hope was over. Although it was a wonderful night overall, it's ending wasn't very nice. It did not look cool for me.
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    Yeah... Women avoid creepy stalkers with virginity fetishes.

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