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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Fishi, May 11, 2004.

  1. Fishi

    Fishi Member


    I have recently started to wonder about my Spirit Guide and basically the paranormal "world".

    Recently, things have started to happen in my house, for example, dog's toys move on there own, noises etc etc. Someone told me this could be my spirit guide, but who is he/she - could anyone help me out?

    Also, I was trying a seance with a couple of friends a few days ago. I sat still with my eyes shut and suddenly my eyes started to water. My eyes did not hurt, sting etc. They just continued to water. Could anyone give me an explanation to that aswell?

    Thanks for reading my post :)
  2. old_crone

    old_crone Super Moderator Super Moderator

    how we lable and define it helps to create realities all around us, and on many different levels. Awareness opens the levels to expose a deeper core of understanding who we are, and just how we are all connected.

    Hi Fishi

    First your Spirit Guide is named YoHand. He is a German / French philospher and recluse to social activities. He is about 40ish in age and often as unsure of his own existance. You chose each other on the other side before you came through because you wished to explore your own self worth and values. Often seeking a place of balance that seems as far away as it is close. Sometimes it so hard to talk about the personal and what really matters to you because words make the understanding seem uncertain and shallow when in reality the depth ogf you cries out for recognition and hope.

    The paranormal activity around your house is created by Graham. He is a teen ager who commited sucide and is trying to find his way back to what is real to him. He like moving things and is harmless. He is very shy and tender hearted. Almost to sensitive. When is is around you will notice your own emotions seem more vivid and intense.

    The seance experience of eyes watering is not uncomon. When we relax we often begin to hear our hearts voice for the very first time. This brings us to tears without knowing why. The love is quiet and raidate with what is happening around you and intensifes the question and expectations we are holding on too. As they say curosity killed the cat, when in humans curosity often does not kill us but takes us toward experiences, and needs we are hard pressed to speak of. We draw the lessons we need unto our path that we might see truth for what it is.

    Now back to my first comment. All these things are energy and what your higher self is asking is who you are, what you are doing for your spirit, and are you whole in the search, or just making excuses and playing with the life you are in. Your god self is asking what gives you fire and passion and what you plan on doing with that fire in the belly of your own whale of awareness. If you do not have one....CREATE one. You are your purpose and meaning. What you make of it in the arms of loving life does matter. You are where you are because you want to be and the greater hope is that as you see this you become your vision and path without but, and excuses to be less than all that is your to be. So energy is energy is energy is what you seperate and define within yourself. You are the I AM of all existance and we are all connected by the search we set our steps to. We are Gods experiencing life and all that means.
  3. Fishi

    Fishi Member

    Thanks for the reply Old Crone :)

    The spirit guide thing is now starting to confuse me, I've had two other people say my spirit guide is "Michael" and "Ruby" - any ideas?

    Also, why is Graham in this house - did he commit suicide here?

    I will also be here with a group of friends soon, investigating the house for anything paranormal, do you think Graham will make him self know to us?

    And lastly, do you have any tips for talking to Graham and developing my psychic skills?

    Thanks alor Old Crone :)
  4. spinelli

    spinelli Member

    Fishi, I apoligize for interefering with ur topic

    Old Crone
    The spirit(s) that guide me cause me much intrigue and somewhat excitement. Because I have this relationship where I trust and feel so close, like "we go way back" and know eachother so well, yet I know no name, face or idendity.
    I feel, by the way things have unfolded, that not ever consciously knowing the idendity is all part of my lesson of trust and faith in what I can't see. For some reason I just know that building this relationship through pure sense and feel is necessary and meant to be.

    But I was intrigued recently, when I read about the concept of ur spirit guide not being a seperate soul, yet a higher part/version(excuse my terminology) of ur own soul.
    Could u maybe explain this to me from ur knowledge.

    Thanku and once again excuse my selfish ways.
  5. old_crone

    old_crone Super Moderator Super Moderator

    and the toes just hang out for awareness, and a sense of humor.

    Hi Spinelli

    One day my daughter and I were singing that old song about the leg bone being connected. We made up many lines that were not in the orginal version, and at one point we had the fingers connected to the nose bone which is not a bone at all, but it sounded good as we sang.

    Well as the singing got us to laughing with images of our own craziness she looked at me and said, "Mom all of these bones are just parts of me, so why do we call them legs, noses, hands and fingers and hip bones?" I smiled and replied, " because we as humans like to lable things, as we feel more in control with our own knowledge, than with the awareness that is we are the I Am of existance, and streams of energy searching for a connection."

    She looked at me with these incredable eyes, and open soul and said, "So I Am is layered with reason we do not always understand without the divide, conquer, and labels."

    I agreed. With Spirit guides we are often searching out the bones and layers of our own being so that we might see why we choose the lessons we draw unto ourselves. So love the day it will teach you well. Embrace the lessons not the emotions, and most of all know, we are all one the deeper we go. The other side holds no seperation. There is just energy, and this love that embraces all that is.
  6. old_crone

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    is our constant guide.

    Hi Fishi

    Spirit guides do change as we grow and come more into our own wholeness. This is often agreed on before we come through. On occasion a guide will walk through more than one life time with us. but more often its like teachers we meet in this life time. They change by our own growth, need and desires.

    As to Graham No he did not commit sucide in the house ,and most likely will not show up when people are around. He is just looking for rememberances and what feels familiar to him. His way of finding his own healing and forgiveness inside.

    To talk with him just sit in the room you notice the most activity in and talk from your heart. He may or may not answer but you most likely will feel his energy around you. He means no harm.
  7. spinelli

    spinelli Member

    aaHH, a sense of peace, no searching or queries, just peace

    How complicated things can become with my seperation perception
    How more disconnected I can become with me when I label

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