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Discussion in 'Movies' started by mystical_shroom, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic


    Does anyone else remember this movie? It has Dennis Hopper in it and Fisher Stevens and John stockwell as Michael (the man guy) and other people, and its about this kid whom procrastinated on his science project and Dennis hooper is his teacher and he had to turn something in or flunk so he goes to a military base and looks through a pile of junk for something he could use and it so happens that its lile this crazy thing that makes them go in future and in the past and theres dinosaurs and time warps and such..
    Haha anyone else remember it, I use to love this movie so much :D
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    haha okay, guess I am alone on this one then :D

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