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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by FREE, May 21, 2004.

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    my roomate is a female and shes very frisky when shes drinkin,i have not had that pleassure myself but she had a boyfriend for about two years up until we gained another room mate who pleaded to me that he had no place to go and if he could just sleep on the couch till they left here which is in 12 days and all,all of a sudden she dumped her boyfriend for this dude who i work with and all and i told the both of them that i didnt want nothing and no knolwedge about that shit
    and what they did together is what they did man,no skin off my teeth ay,but,...she used to come to me cryin her eyes out about her former boyfriend when he wanted to spend time with his guy friends and i was there for her and all and now bein that all three people are my friends,im thinkin that i should just be unknown to the whole situation and it would be better if i could just pay rent and do my thing while they do theirs,but this is not the first time,she hooked up with another guy a while back and he fell in love with her to my understanding and it was really crazy but i remained friends with the both of them and now all i think is"my roommates going a little overboard with the whole free love thing"which is crazy cause she dont even beleive in that man and ive came to the end of my rope to the point where,of which ive allready spoke to her about,either she keeps her relationship ordeals away from my view or i move out,is that too crazy
    am i bein to harsh man?
    i dont know but i know that its gonna end up with someone bein totally crashed in the roomamte is very"friendly"among guys,and my other roommate is pretty much "love em and leave em...for a night"
    im thinkin that sometimes...ignorance IS bliss man
    gimmie some feedback ay and if theres any o yall in va that need a roommate,
    me know
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    Wish I Could Have That Luck .with My Luck She Would Be A Lesbo .peace.
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    well express your thoughts to her about how you think shes a lil to free spirited and all. also tell her what kind of guy this is that shes hooking up with so that shell be ready for when he leaves.
    and the whole thing of movin out cuz of this isnt too harsh its a dose of reality for her.
    i hope that i helped in some way shape or form.
    Fallen Fairy
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    He has the right to know if she's cheating on him.
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    i'm confused about what the problem is. how are her relationships effecting your living situation? does it effect you, personally, or are you just worried that she's going to hurt your friend?

    is she seeing the new roommate, or is she seeing someone you work with? or is this the same guy?

    you said that she already broke up with her old boyfriend, so she's not cheating on anyone then, right?

    what do you mean when you say that you want her to keep her relationship ordeals out of your view? do you mean you don't want to hear about her problems, you don't want her dating your friends, or you don't want her bringing guys back to your shared place?

    if you don't want to hear about her relationship problems, it's understandable. but if you are both friends, you probably have a base of mutual friends between the two of you... you can't tell her not to date someone who is also her friend, too. at the same time, though, it's not fair for her relationships to strain a relationship between you and your friend/s. if she's paying rent, it's not fair to ask her to not bring guys home. unless, of course, it's having a negative impact on you, like sex noises keeping you up late, when you've gotta wake up early for work.

    how do you really feel about her? you said you were always there for her. something about your post makes you sound hurt. like she rejected you. are you seeing anyone? if she's getting a lot of ass, and you aren't, maybe you feel jealous, or resentful? i mean, if you live together, and you're constantly seeing this in your shared space, are you resentful that you're not getting any (not from her, necessarily, but in general) and she is?

    how are her actions making her impossible to live with?
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    Ok, so, let me get this straight....

    You have two roommates... Both are, in your opinion, too active, sexually?

    Well, are they shagging in the common areas of the house? Or are they noisy and keeping you awake?

    Personally, I don't see why other people's sex lives should be any business of yours, unless they are affecting you, directly... I mean, as long as they pay their share of the rent and clean up after themselves and aren't being a nuisance...

    Now, if you just feel that you have higher morals or whatever, and are uncomfortable being in a house with those unlike you, well, that's different... But be careful, you might end up living with people who think that sex for anything but procreation is bad, and they may judge you harshly, as well.
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    Teeth have skin?

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