My reasons for wanting to try LSD

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Colty, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Colty

    Colty Member

    Well, I first got into the whole drug "scene" when I was 14 and smoked weed. Since then it's been DXM (900 MG about 5 times then a 1500mg which made me stop), shrooms, salvia, the reason I wanted to try LSD was when I heard the song lucy in the sky with diamonds, the idea of that happening to you just BLEW my mind, since then I have gotten past the urge to trip balls, and I love the psychadelic mindset that comes with these drugs, the level of conscious you can reach, how you can evaluate your own ego, life, relationships, notice things you never knew about yourself, and come out changed for better or for worse. I have a san pedro cactus which I tried to do several times and my mother caught me boiling it several times and sat me down and told me that she though pot was ok, but other drugs weren't. I tried to explain this to her but I just couldn't get through, past that I kind of feel that LSD is going to come to me in some form of a mescalito, kind of like a sign telling me that I am ready for it, emotionally and spiritually, and that I will be in a time in my ife in which I will be ready, and will make a total turn with it. I have spent so much time searching for it, for over 2 years I have looked for it, being in highschool and in Nevada certainly doesn't help me, but I think I sort of came to realize that I put to much of myself into finding it, and that in time LSD will come to me when we are ready for each other.

    This is just a little post on me, kind of deep, I enjoyed thinking about it and this is sort of a little introductory post, saying hi, so hi :)
  2. StonerBill

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    hi, sorry to ruin the moment but lucy in the sky with diamonds was no actually about LSD at all.

    i want to try it for the mindset too, but im not gonna make out that i dont wanna trip balls as well :p ive not dont sufficient dxm, nor have i tried shrooms or salvia (salvia is illegal in two places in the world, australia is one. so i cant buy it online)
  3. Colty

    Colty Member

    I know the song isn't influenced by LSD, but it doesn't take that much of an imagination to get how it could. Day tripper was though :) Paul admitted to it being about acid, and got to get you into my life was about weed :D
  4. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    paul said he liked saying 'day tripper' lol.. he like the word...

    and its funny becuase paul didnt even like lsd...

    in this old beatles psychedelic lyric/drawing book I got.. theres a qoute saying that it lucy in the sky was about a drawing (i dont feel like going and getting it out so i'm gonna guess.. and I think it was by johns son.. maybe not tho lol)

    heh the lucy part in yellow submarine is great...
  5. Actually later on they admittied that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about lsd.

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