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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by SunshineDaydreamer75, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. I have this dream/vision/idea, whatever you want to call it.
    I want to create a place that should exist but doesn't. Where everybody is friendly, nobody judges you, you can stay for as long as you want, there is always good music playing, your parents won't bother you, and you can just relax and have fun. Sit all day long in the street with your guitar and nobody will bother you.
    Think Haight-Ashbury. That sort of a scene.
    See, I'm an entrepeneur at heart. For now I'm just selling stuff (not drugs, i dont deal them i just do them) at festivals and saving up for a campervan.. when I graduate I wanna go on the road then go to college in california and maybe run a business on the internet sellign stuff from home... but anyways I'd like to go to college for business. My main focus is to open up some record stores. My stores will be the greatest because loitering will be ENCOURAGED so kids can come and hangout all day long and not be bothered by their parents... there will be rooms with couches where u can sample cds.. and live music events.. but back to the "vision":
    What if I took over an entire street? or two? Just open up businesses all down the street so I would basically own it. A record/cd/dvd/band memorabilia store, a bar with live bands, An instrument store, a headshop of course, a good vegan restaurant, a skate park.. an arts/crafts supply store with cool beads and fabric, A vintage clothing store, a chill cafe, a recording studio, A RADIO STATION (theres more to that later)a whole street of places where you can hangout all day and night, and every place will have like corners with pillows on the floor and beanbags, totally trippy paint... I know if there was a place like this, me and my friends would be there everyday. The street will just be closed off, there will be a stage outside and either a dj playing music or a live band at all times,with drum circles and ppl playing hacky sack and dancing in the street... it would be great if I could do this at a place right on the ocean so bands could play on the beach and we could have bonfires, but on the other hand, I could just buy a lot of land and put my own road on it so i dont have to deal with the town as much. Thats probably what I'm going to do. Land with lots of fields and woods... a large fence around it... we could even have festivals and charge ppl to get in during them...
    I think this would be the coolest thing EVER!
    It would attract my kind of ppl.
    I would be my own boss. If I wanted to I could just get fucked up and walk around, grab a guitar from my store, go jam on the stage, put on good music, have huge parties/events... like a huge protest/free concert in the street for legalizing pot haha, or reggae festivals, VW van contests, random holidays like "Jerry Garcia Day" haha...people dancing and partying in the streets and on the roof...
    To me that sounds like the greatest place ever.
    If I could open up a few in the U.S. I bet it would cause some kind of a "movement".
    I would definitely try to open one eventually on Haight/Ashbury because that would just be cool. So much history.
    All the hippies would come out of their hiding places and come and groove in the streets [​IMG]
    And I will hire people to go sell acid on these streets!! hahaha I'm sorry but you know what I'm saying, it needs to be easier to get.
    Also there will be vendors at the sidewalks like you would see at festivals.

    OH and here's my favorite idea: There could be a radio station and the headquarters would be located on the street. We'll play reggae, classic rock, and jam bands. The DJs would be able to advertise all sales going on, any events/concerts coming up, they could get more people to come down.
    This would be the best way to let people know about it, because you know they're gonna be cool people since they listen to that station [​IMG] haha.
    Maybe we could call it Shakedown Street.[​IMG]
    Who's ready for this?!
    Oh and you can leave negative replies to this, I dont care what any of you say, this IS possible and I believe in myself 110% [​IMG]
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    Um, where should I start? I guess I'm only writing this because I took the time to read the entire entry.

    This is more of a random fantasy than anything else. Obviously, everyone here would LOVE to see this happen...but

    Some ideas here are illegal

    Some are a little far fetched (I'm trying to be nice)

    And the amount of money you would need to have to start something like this is really really big.

    But listen, you believe in yourself...I'm sure you'll find support amongst hippies, and in the end you never know. If you find a rich hippie (is that an oxymoron?) or maybe 100 of them, you might get funding. I guess go for it, but I'm personally not holding my breath.

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  4. TheGanjaKing

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    read the first two words. then stopped. thanks for nothing. :rolleyes:

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