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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Archemini, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Here are a few of mine...


    Whispers, filling summer air
    the tangy, bitter taste of jealousy.
    distrust. Hatred. Unbeknownst to me
    words have circled. My philosophies
    my ideologies, my insecurities.
    a distasteful attempt to harm
    hurting me not because of what was said
    but the fact that you said it.
    no longer confident in who you are
    I move on. Forgetting the past, not reliving
    the present, hopeful that the future will bring new
    I'll be alright, because after tonight
    anyone will do, except you.
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    freedom returned to those it was taken.
    blood still flowing from skin and flesh
    like the flowing of refugees, returning home
    from torment, struggle, harsh times.
    lives drastically changed with the beginning of war
    ending, or so analysts think, with wars still going
    restraining walls erected, though many expected
    the crumbling of rock when the feuding stopped.
    busses exploded, while rifles unloaded
    bullets. targeting both guilty and innocent
    resignations abound, stability not sound
    and yet victory is called out from the powers that be.
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    dark, ambiguous and evasive, angry, non commital. how do these observations [ your poetic content] make you feel inside. would help the reader empathise... gritty stuff,,nice one

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