My Palm m100 has a problem.

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by maabbott88, May 17, 2004.

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    I own a little PDA from Palm called the m100. Lately whenever I change the batteries it erases all of my data. I have to reload everything and this is a pain in the ass. My theory is that there is a backup battery inside and it is dead. I had had this PDA for 16-17 months when this began happening. I cannot open the unit as I do not have a Torx driver. Can onyone give me any information as to how to fix this? Other than this issue it works perfectly and I see no reason to shell out $100+ for a new one.
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    I agree that it sound like the internal battery, you should be able to get a cable and back the memory up on a desktop or external CD-writer to avoid this in the future.
  3. LostChord

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    i have the 105 (i believe havent used it in a while) and when the batteries were changed it lost all the info.. but since it should be backed up on your PC anyway.. it only takes a few mins to load it back up
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    I think I heard Vaya Con Dios, but I might be wrong :)
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    There is no fix for this known bug. Palm Inc. was the subject of a class action lawsuit a few years ago over this.

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