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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by marquee, May 24, 2004.

  1. marquee

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    The only thing I believe and stand for is the legalization of marijuana. I want it so much, and I know that there is no reason to keep it illegal. However, marijuana is really the one thing that gives me a purpose. If it was legalized I (and many others, probably) would have no direction in life. Part of the exhileration of getting stoned is the feeling that you are working towards something, the feeling that you are a part of something bigger than you and your smoking buddies. Once marijuana is legalized the bond between stoners will be broken and I will once again feel insignificant. It is also notable that when weed is sold in stores with an age limit it will be harder to come by for the millions of teenage smokers who, like me, love weed for the acceptance it offers to its users.

    If marijuana wasn't legalized in my lifetime I would be perfectly content to spend my life fighting for it to be legal. If it was legalized, which I want more than anything, my life might be meaningless.

    Oh well.
  2. twoseeeyes

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    The thing I hate about the legalization movement is that it is so presented in a way that is so selfish, they forget about the victims of prohibition. It's presented in a way where it's about bonding and togetherness, not the issues at hand. The fact is the legalization movement is not one taken very seriously because of it (medical issue is different in entireity). Yes many kids like you would rather have it remain illegal but what about those who smoke marijuana for spiritual reasons?, what about the mothers who get their kids taken away because they got arrested? How about those who grow for their own supply are busted, and sent down the river for 7 years? How about those who were arrested with the tinest bud are placed under probation, and forced to change their ways to comply? How about those who had assets confiscated by the police because they had a little too much pot?

    If you think the issue of legalization is all fun and games, you now know it isn't.
  3. marquee

    marquee Member

    I realize that my post was selfish, I was only saying how I feel. I understand all the injustices and persecutions that are directed towards marijuana users and I sincerely hope that I didn't make it seem like I thought of the legalization movement as fun and games. And, the purpose of my post was to show the catch 22 of my situation. I want it legalized for all the reasons you mentioned, but I want to fight for its legalization as well.

    I was trying to express how much i love marijuana and how it adds meaning to my life. I didn't want to disregard all the people who's lives are ruined by absurd drug laws.

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