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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by fairygirl, May 23, 2007.

  1. fairygirl

    fairygirl Member

    I've got the sweetest little fur baby in my life. I named him Brutus. He is a little Rat Terrier who was rescued from horrible living conditions.

    After loosing my baby, Pudge, my husband felt that we should get another dog. I was determined that we would adopt a fur baby that needed a good home. We called all three animal shelters in our area and they were closed. My husband picked up the classifides to see if anyone was giving a dog away and he found an add for two free Rat Terriers. He called the owner and made arrangements to see them. The owner told us that they were a year old and I decided that I was not going to seperate them even if I had to take both dogs into my home. (My house is tiny and I've already got a parrot and a kitty.) Fortunately, my neighbors wanted my baby's brother. We visit each other often, so the dogs get to play together.

    Anyway, when we arrived at the owner's house, I fell in love the Brutus. I knew that I had to take him home. The owner didn't want him and I had a feeling he would end up in an animal shelter. Timid dogs are usually put to sleep in shelters. They require a lot of work and extra TLC. I couldn't let that happen. My son is older and I taught him to respect all living creatures. My husband and I are both very loving tender people. I felt like it was up to us to save this animal.

    Since Saturday, I managed to get Brutus to eat and drink. He is now my shadow and, when I return home, I get to see his happy little face. I'll keep everyone posted on Brutus' progress and I'll post some pictures of him soon.

  2. Elle

    Elle Senior Member


    I also have a rescued rat terrier. They are something else! I look foward to seeing pics of him~
  3. fairygirl

    fairygirl Member

    Oh..He is precious!! He's a Merle Blue Rat Terrier. His eyes are a beautiful blue color.

    They really are something else!!
  4. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    oh wow, that sounds really interesting. :)

    hurry up and post pics!

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