My made up crazy poem

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Jedi, Jun 4, 2004.

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    What is life,
    WHat is death?
    WHat is heaven?
    WHat is hell?
    WHat exists?
    WHat doesn't?
    What are these dualities
    That make us seperate.
    Are they real?
    Are they imaginary?
    Are they perceived
    Are they realized?
    Are they known?
    Are they unknown?
    IS anything the truth?
    Is there a thing called the truth?
    What is the meaning of this worthless
    Pitiful, disgusting despicable life?
    What is it that drives us through in and out of it everyday?
    Who is ? what is? why is ? IS?
    These are the questions we have to answer forever.
    So that we can leave them unanswered for eternity.
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    aye, those goddamn questions! curiosity tortured the cat... so the cat took some nip and then a nap and sat in the lap of whom pets most gently.

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