my lungs hate me.

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by MagnanimityMan, May 26, 2004.

  1. alrighty guys. i have a problem. i've been trying to convince myself otherwise for a little while now, but it seems to not be going away.
    I've been smoking for several years, but these last 2 i've found myself smoking nearly everyday, if not everyday. i do cherish it alot, and i'm very responcible with it, so yatta yatta.

    in the wintertime i got strep throat. it lasted maybe a week, and as soon as i could start swallowing my own spit again i had joint in the mouth. Since then I've noticed my lungs starting to get a little weaker, a little more tired. In the mornings i wake up and my lungs started feeling heavy. I've noticed since then that I cough SO much more easily, i mean SO much more easily... like someone who's hitting their first bong.
    obviously something is going on withmy lungs. but i never did like going to the doctors. has anyone here gone through this? should i just invest in a vaporizor or just make brownies for the next 2 or 3 months? would this be enough time to let the lungs heal a bit? CAN the lungs heal themselves? or ( =( ) do i need to go to the doctors and get some medicine?

    please help
  2. Lungs can heal themselves. Let them rest. If your lungs are still hurting a few weeks later though I think maybe you should go to a doctor. Give them a little break and they should be fine!!

    A friend of mine had something similar but his doctor just told him it's because his Asthma was just getting worse.
  3. WeeDMaN

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    Dont smoke for a few weeks, make the air around u esier for the lungs to inhale, get a himidifier if u dont have 1. Also boil some cammomile tea and put your face over it and a towel over, breath deaply, it helps your lungs heal. Make some brownies or sumthin. Or you could do shrooms first and then make brownies or w/e.
  4. PeZoAmO

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    Try running or doing something that gets you breathing heavy. Make it a habit.
  5. thanks guys.
    shrooms are definitely amazing, but i found myself doing them nearly daily, and i was realllllly becoming detached. i try to keep them down to maybe once or twice a month now. i'm more then happy with that.
    brownies are just gunna haveta be what's up. =\.
    or not even that. i usually just sprinkle some nicely grinded herb into some warm mashed potatoes, and it works GREAT. all it truly needs is some warmth.

    but i dont know if i made myself clear, i probably didn't. there's no lung pain, i just find myself with heavier lung in the mornings, and my cough reflex is on HYPERdrive. going from multiple bong rips on one inhalation to choking on a good rip of a joint is scary... and pretty annoying. i just need these lungs healthy again. thanks for all your help guys. i usually walk for a good 2 hours a night, but i'll start throwing some jogging into my little adventures as well, get those lungs working a little harder. and i'll definitely go and get that tea tonight! thanks!
  6. when you smoke your bronchial tubes can get infected with bacteria, which causes much coughing and is sometimes long term and chronic in heavy smokers.
    to keep your lungs free from infection you can temporarily boost your immune system by taking echinacea extract. be sure to use the syrup or alcohol tincture extract, you can get a 30ml bottle for about five bucks, dont bother with the gelcaps they are worthless.
    take it three times a day, it really works, its was what pulled me out of a month of coughing mucous and phlegm.
  7. I'd suggest getting a vaporizer to help with your lungs. The vaporizer never actually burns the plant material, so you're not inhaling all of that stuff.
  8. Velouria

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    Get high and play DDR. It's fun and it's a workout so maybe you will feel better.
  9. hehe, thanks for the helps guys.

    haha. ontheplaystation. i had the pads and all. played it about 4 times.
    i probably touched that playstation about 10 times in all. Dance dance is just not an ethan thing.

    ddr = buzzkill.

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