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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Random Andy, May 15, 2004.

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    G'day peeps,
    My name is Random Andy Mactier but only my friends can call me Random so I expect you all to. I guess I might as well tell yous my life story but I'll keep it shortish.
    I was born on Clapham Common North Side in a little flat to parent's of New Zealand Origin. School was pretty hard on me but that's pretty standard but I did well and completed my A-levels a year early cos I desperate to get out of there. The first thing I did upon leaving school was to go to NZ bcos my parents were offering me a return ticket so's I could visit my family over there... that was cool. I picked fruit, cycle couriered, glass collected and, well, that's it, basically supported myself as I cycled on my bicycle around New Zealand, staying in backpackers hostels.
    When I got back to England I applied for a few jobs in France because one of my A-levels was in French. I got a job in Disneyland Paris which was sooo fun. They're shit employers but it's fun to have a good moan about it and we were all in the same boat so we made the most of it. I then worked in Paris in a bar in Montparnasse called the Mustang Cafe (same chain as Chesterfields, off the Champs-Elysees) and whilst on suspension from that place for drinking on the job (a customer bought me a drink, what was I supposed to do?) I got a much better payed job back in Disney Village in the Planet Hollywood out there. That was okay - luxury compared to Disney or Mustang but hard work still. Anyway...
    My next job in France (I'll ignore the job I had in England cos it was boring) was through an agency called Jobs In The Alps and it was washing dishes, pots and pans and gardening and general odd job man in a lovely place in the south of France called Annecy where I still have friends. Swimming every day, climbing mountains and lugging those huge pots and pans around the kitchen, I was in tip-top physical shape. Unfortunately - with all the drugs I was doing things went a bit dark and mysterious over the next few years.
    I'm now doing barwork in London and soon will be training to be a language teacher. I'm expecting a kid with my lovely girlfriend Lyndsey and things are looking bright - I might soon be teaching French in Primary schools but I have to wait to hear back from the guy who organises that.
    I am an avid anarchist and think this world would be a thousand times better off without money.
    I wish I was a hippy but can't find the correct wardrobe.
    I wanna be one of you, one of a kind.
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    what a wonderful desription of yourself, it shows that life is pretty much what we make it most of the time!
    have you heard of chaos magick in your travells i don't know a lot about it but it sounds just up your road!
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    You sound like someone with a definate zest for life! And congratulations on your approaching fatherhood. I don't think you need to worry about a wardrobe to be considered a hippy. I think if you do your own thing and enjoy your individuality and wear what makes you comfortable and expresses yourself you're in good shape!
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    Andy, you made me laugh with the wardrobe comment. :D Glad you're here, WELCOME. You have a very interesting story, thanks for sharing it with us. Best wishes with your new family and your bright future.
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    Is your name really Random? Or is that just a nickname? I thought my name was really Hannah Banana for like seven years, because people I didn't even know would always call me that. Poor me.
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    Hey there Random, welcome to these here fine forums. Lots of interesting topix always going on!

    I dont consider myself a Hippy either, I dont really know why anyone would...

    Why bother with labels?


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    Wow Random Andy you've had an interesting life, nice to meet cha!

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