My Lampwork Beads

Discussion in 'Art' started by DandysTree, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. DandysTree

    DandysTree Member

  2. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    awesome work, i would love to learn how to work with glass like that. really diggin the colors and ur shroom pendants are unique, never seen them with a glass stem hangin out the bottom.

    so... ever think about makin a chillum... haha.
  3. DandysTree

    DandysTree Member

    lmao off yea, one of my best friends pushed me to make a chillum as soon as he found out i been workin with glass, so i made him and me one, they turned out pretty cool

    soon enough im going to start workin with a guy who blows pipes, thats my next goal

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