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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Jeanie, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Jeanie

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  2. alex714

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    this man is not so much my hero, but i would love to strip him naked and rub hot oil all over his body:cool:

  3. Jeanie

    Jeanie Member


    (10 letters)
  4. alex714

    alex714 To the Left

    i just wanted an excuse to post a pic of him alright

    and those singing hamsters are just odd...and very funny.
  5. joe

    joe Banned

    :( :( .........
  6. Jeanie

    Jeanie Member

    Thats why I lurve them! :)
  7. alex714

    alex714 To the Left

    aw joe!
    i could rub hot oil all over your bod also if youd like:cool:
  8. joe

    joe Banned

    :D :cool: .......YAY
  9. We like the moon cause it close to us!we like the moon! but not as much as a spoon! cause thats more used for eating soop! and a fork isnt very usefull for that unless it has got many vegytables then you might be better off with a chop stick unlike the moon it is up in the sky, it is up there very high! but maybe not as high as zepplins or derigibles and maybe clouds..and maybe puffins, also, i think they go quite high maybe not as high as the moon, cause the moon is very high! We like the moon, the moon is very usefull everyone! Everybody likes the moon because it lights up the sky at night!and it is lovely! and it makes the tides go up and we like it but not as much as cheese we really like cheese we like zepplins, we really like them and we like kelp and we like mose and we ike deer and we like marmotsand we like all the fluffy animals
    WE really like tha moon!!!!!

    man.. i used to go to these creatures all the like and listen to the moon song! and the kitty viking song! but then i lost it... so yay! and I LOVE YOU!!
  10. man... just watched the one about the little monkey who baught the wrong bannanas(i havent in months) anyways... i started crying my eyes out...


    i think its probly cause i havent seen my girl friend in almost 2 weeks.... im really breaking down..
    and i was gonna be with her tonight, but on Wedsday me and my mom had a little fight because i almost wore a pair of wrinkled pants.... seriously.. so fucking stupid.. so they decided i couldnt see her.. man... i really cant cope or deal and this is really killing me.. my soul is being torn in pieces.. i havent seen her in soo Long.. and my parents have been so... egh.. and i cant see things right anymore.. All my Rainbows went away.. fuck.. yeah.. man all weekend all ive done seriously, is cried,sleept,cried,burned cadles, cry, burn insence,cry,ive eaten a little bit,watched some lame sitcom, cried,ive been on the computer a little, cry, took a shower cause i havent taken one in a week cause ive been really fucked up cause i havent seen my Love in so long,cryed, talked to my girlfriend on the phone, walk to her house.. i think its like 10 or more miles away, but if i did, my parents wouldnt bann her from me all summer.. man.. yeah.... and ive been soo trashed and upset and fucked up last few days, that all my shields are totally down and ive been projecting like crazy to my girlfriend and one of my friends so then they were feeling like shit, so i did a spell and they said they were feeling better so then i felt bad about that. but man.. my world is soo sooo sooo grey, i mean.. just everything, they stole my sunshine away from me, im not talking to my parents anymore, and theyre acting all happy and like "oh, so why arents you talking to us again, i mean its not like we did anything really important".... arg.. i mean shes only the most important thing in my life and the only reason i havent commited suicide the past months, why cant they see what this does to me... its killing me, i really.. fucking cant do this... i mean.. i cant, im really fucking Low, just alll... grey.. lump, poisin tears infest and destroy and obliterate and destroy my RAinbows... they dont understand.. i mean like when she has to go home, like the last time i saw her was the 22nd, and when she had to go home, as soon as she left i just felt kinda blah, i mean pretty good though cause i was Gonna see her just the Next week... but noo soo yeah.. wow.. its all not groovy, desolate lonely alone tears.. i cant live like this without her.. its not good for my heath, i cant function right, all school friday i was barely holding back tears, but since im in the play, everyone seems so imersed in that, and all you know cause its like next thusday, friday and Saturday, so no one even noticed i was barely holding back tears when usually im dancing in circles and happy, cept one of my best friends, Dania... yeah.. i NEEED HER RIGHT NOW! seriously.. my mental health is.. not good.. SEriOusLY! ah! no... i Dont Fucking get this... oh also my girlfriend has had a REALLY bad week cause a friend of hers just died.... my parents are just like "ohh weres sooo sorry he died, no you cant see her, your dissobeyed us (ha yeah, opps, i almost wore a pair of wrinkled pants, scandelous...)."i mean.. ahh.. im being killed and tortured and desroyed i feel soo numb like i cant feel anything cept i just feel Low.. very LAthargic(means you dont wanna move or do anything....)... i just wanted a little Sunshine, a little Loveshine, but you took it away and left it all grey, all my world is grey, cause you made it that way....Why cant i be free? to just be me! i Just wanna be me! Why cant I be Free? to Be in Love again? i just like my parents make me feel soo Low i dont feel Love last few days.. like kinda.. but i feel too sad to really feel..cause im soo numb for the pain of being away from my Love for soo Long, IF ONLY IF ONLY I WAS IN MY LOVE'S ARMSS!! if only to hold her hand my whole world would be fine.....

    oh wel.. sorry for the really long rant... im realy... ya..
  11. didge

    didge Member


    hmmmmmmmm....eric bana.........yum yum.


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