My god you are liars

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by BoyTheo, May 10, 2004.

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  1. BoyTheo

    BoyTheo Member

    Imagine this:

    Theres a rich man and a poor man. The rich man gets his money from the poor man's hard work (Through guilty and manipulation) in addition to his own easier and shorter work. The rich man is always whining "I GET PAID LESS THAN YOU", even though he is spending more money than the poor man.

    Is that fair?? Well no.

    But that's exactly what you evil females are doing to us males.

    Females spend most of the money in the West, and no they don't earn up piles of debt. So where do they get all this extra money from, if they also take an easier life of less and simpler work???


    It's just sickening, that you lie so much, so deep lies, it's sickening. If you have any shred of decency you'd never post a "wage gap" manipulation whining lie ever again. In fact you'd never have posted it before.

    Quote from Warren Farrell:

    It would be hard to find a single example in history in which a group that cast more than 50% of the vote got away with calling itself the victim. Or an example of an oppressed group which chooses to vote for their "oppressors" more than it chooses to have its own members take responsibility for running. Women are the only minority group that is a majority, the only group that calls itself "oppressed" that is able to control who is elected to every office in virtually every community in the country. Power is not in who holds the office, power is in who chooses who holds the office. Blacks, Irish, and Jews never had more than 50% of America's vote.

    Women are the only "oppressed" group to share the same parents as the "oppressor;" to be born into the middle-class and upper-class as frequently as the "oppressor;" to own more of the culture's luxury items than the "oppressor;" the only "oppressed" group whose "unpaid labor" enables them to buy most of the fifty billion dollars' worth of cosmetics sold each year; the only "oppressed" group that spends more on high-fashion, brand name clothing than their "oppressors;" the only "oppressed" group that watches more TV during every time category than their "oppressors."
  2. CckBlocking

    CckBlocking Member

    First, I am having trouble understanding your example of the rich man and poor man. If the rich man gets paid less than the poor man and spends more than the poor man, wouldn't that leave the "poor man" with more money than the "rich man".

    If you looked throughout history and even in other countries today you would see that women were and still are being oppressed. It is true that in America today we are almost equal, Scandinavia has even more gender equality than America, but then go to India, or any toher country with strong Muslim population. Women there are severly abused and opressed, not even allowed to show that they have opinions.
  3. Shakra

    Shakra Member

    Lol equal pay has been law since 1970's? here in the UK at least, and yet on average a man still earns more than a woman for doing the same job with the same hours. The laws have been voted for, they are just not being implemented, why? because it's very difficult to prove individual cases as people are so secretive about what they earn. But hell the tax office sure knows exactly how much each person is earning, so who knows why it's not being implemented.

    You are right in a way though, there is such a sense of apathy these days as regards voting, in the UK at least, I think in our last general election less than 50% of the total population of Britain actually bothered to vote. So if people don't even care enough to vote on something as major as the general elections for their country, how can you expect them to care enough to campaign about the unfair implementation of one act of law.

    Anyway I'm not here to argue with you, cuz in part I actually agree with you but I would say this, if you have a wife or gf who hasn't got a very good reason for not working, tell her to get off her lazy arse and get a job [​IMG]

    I despise 'scroungers' and I have met some in my time, some where even men [​IMG]

    I do work, and I work long hard hours (I am a nurse and I work what are supposed to be 12 hour shifts that more often than not turn into 14 hour shifts) and I have never 'lived off' the back of any man. However I get more upset about some 'fat cat' who gets a hefty £1,000,000 bonus pay off for basically screwing over the company he worked for and the fact that some footballers earn around £60,000 a week! ($90,000) than about some guy earning £500 more a year than me, for doing the same job and same hours, although that does still suck.

    And I do spend money, I go out to the store and I pay for it using my debit card (I don't own a credit card) but the items that I buy are not always for me.

    You see statistically women may spend the money, but thats prolly because it's the women who do most of the shopping, not just for themselvs but also for their men, becuase the men, quite frankly can't be arsed and I don't blame them, cuz neither can I most of the time. [​IMG]
  4. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Seriously, What the hell is your problem?

    I suggest you get off the net and find a theraphist to help you work through whatever it is that causes you to be so ignorant, spiteful and have major issues with women.

    As the first reply points out, your argument is fundementally flawed and illogical. Nor does it take into account basic glaringly obvious facts such as all the statistics disproving your theory.
    Oh and what about the vast numbers of single finacially independant women.

    Whether this has any impact on you or not is not issue of mine. Just thought it had to be said.



    PS I seriously hope you never enter into a relationship (cohabiting, marriage, whatever) with a woman. Wouldn't want to be 'exploited' now would we. That and you'd probably drive each other totally insane.
  5. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Please don't feed the Troll (Theo.)

    As for my "being harsh" this is the kind of shit we have had to put up with the past year or so and why I am so damn "harsh" with misogynists. So go ahead and blame me for being harsh. This is only a taste of what this guy and a few more like him does and says.

    Sage, if only this misogynist would take your advice, but you and I and everyone else with a vagina are the "evil" enemy, so........he won't.
  6. Mari

    Mari Member

    Well lets see what us women spend this money on:

    1. Groceries for the family (don't wanna eat? Noooo problem! Less time I have to spend doing something for somebody else.

    2. Clothing and Shoes for the family (not a problem either, you can go to work naked if you like)

    3. Assorted Toiletries and cleaning products for the family and the home. ( don't bathe, and I don't have to clean the house either, again more time for me.)

    4. Mortgage/Rent (you could live in a tent, but then there would be no cable for you to watch all those sports channels you guys seem to love so much)

    5. Assorted bills such as, Gas, Electric, Phone, Cable, Water, and probably a few others not including credit cards (which I don't have by the way).

    Add it up, there ain't much left after this, most of the time.

    So who's spending the money and for what?????? Yeah my husband may be the one that works outside the home and brings 95% of the money into the household, but all that money goes to the house and the family. So your arguement is bullshit. :p
  7. jiimaan

    jiimaan Banned

    I don't really agree with BoyTheo's approach, nor do I think that is rich man/poor man analogy is accurate, but I find your rebuttal to be pretty lame in its own right.

    There are MANY of women who do not spend their money wisely (which is not to say that this isn't the case with men as well). That's a simple fact. And this is certainly not the result of a woman's supposed lower income, or out of a selfless devotion to the family, as you would have it. They do so because they've developed a flippant attitude towards shopping. Many is a woman who considers shopping a "hobby" and who prefers to while away a Saturday at the Mall looking for clothes that will be "out of style" in a few months.

    Yeah, so his argument may be bullshit, but so is yours.

  8. Mari

    Mari Member

    There are many men who don't spend their money wisely either, and their items tend to have a much higher price tag, than say a pair of shoes or an outfit.

    The point, in case you missed it, was that most of the household income is spent on the family and ALL members benefit, not just the women.

    Sure I like to spend time at the mall just window shopping or spending time out of the house, but that would be something for me to do on my own and for fun, doesn't mean I have to spend anything to do it. Besides, I see just as many men at the mall as I do women, and most of those are on their own shopping away and flashing that credit card quite happily. ;)

    My arguement is not bullshit it's the truth...try getting along in the world without doing any of the things I listed...oh and have fun doing it.
  9. BoyTheo

    BoyTheo Member

    In your victim power craze world: Ooooh, these poor oppressed women. Forced to spend someone else's money!!

    In reality: Spending someone else's money, and spending time watching daytime-TV on the Women's channel is far more luxurious than working harder longer hours at a job you like less, just because it earns more money for someone else.

    Whine all you like about how living at home is such an awful job, requiring soooo much dedication and skills... you only show yourself to be an incompetant.

    In summary: I'm right, you are wrong.

  10. BoyTheo

    BoyTheo Member

    That's because you, and your feminist kin, are idiots who CAN'T READ. Heres what you do instead of reading:

    1) Look at the screen, in a dull glaze over your incompetant face
    2) Think... "argh, words. Do I have to read them? I know, I'll just imagine what he is saying and react to that instead, that'll make it easier on me!"
    3) Reply, claiming full authority that you've understood exactly what I've said (in your imagination).

    Anyhow idiot, I've copy/pasted the bit you missed: "The rich man gets his money from the poor man's hard work (Through guilty and manipulation) in addition to his own easier and shorter work."

    It was there in the original post. Try READING it this time.
  11. Mari

    Mari Member

    Sorry to tell you I was not whining at all and I do love my job otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. However it does require dedication. I also don't watch TV during the day at all.

    What do you mean living at home...where the hell else would I live? It is my home NOT my parents.

    I think you have some serious problems regarding women, and that you don't have very good relationships with them at all...mostly because of your attitude. I also think you don't know very much about running a household, as a matter of fact I don't think you know anything about it at all.

    Nope, I'm right and you are an idiot.
  12. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    No, women don't get paid less. That's why the company I worked at got sued for sexual discrimination. They were giving the men raises every 6 months and not the women. Hmmm....
  13. Graham

    Graham Member

    Maybe the women were lazy mother fuckers ! :D

    lol o/j

    BoyTheo man you need to get a clue.
  14. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    I hope you were joking, Graham!!

    it was a grocery store chain. not nationwide, but all over the southeast. All the women that worked there got part of the settlement. I got coupons!!
  15. jiimaan

    jiimaan Banned

    I don't remember saying that men don't spend their money wisely, but the issue is women who don't. And there are very many indeed.

    Just how is it that you come to the conclusion that men tend to spend their money unwisely on items that cost more? As for shoes and an outfit--three things: 1) don't try to bullshit me that shoes and outfits are cheap; of course it varies from store to store, but I've seen some mighty high price tags for women's clothing; 2) where prices are low, quantities are often high; I've certainly been privy to excessive buying of cheap items. Don't try and tell me that because you get more for your money, it's somehow more acceptable; 3) when it isn't your money, I guess you could argue even the most expensive pair of shoes is pretty cheap, eh?

    Most people who go to the mall don't just "window shop". Never in my life have I seen "just as many men" at the mall, but many of the men who I do see are their accompanying their wives or girlfriends--for no other reason would they be caught dead wasting away hours in a mall when they could be doing something more productive with their free time.

  16. Megara

    Megara Banned

    i do think that women buy more than men.....but....why do guys complain? You arent forced to buy any woman anything. You should want to buy them things. There is a point where things become excessive(or if they are just using you of course).....but dont people want to see their s/o happy?
  17. BoyTheo

    BoyTheo Member

    But when women discriminate against men, they don't get any compensation.

    It's a very common thing for females to discriminate against males. Even my ex girlfriend told me her employer wouldn't employ males, in her retail store.

    But you women won't let word of that out, even though anti-male discrimination is more rampant.

    And then you go and distort all sorts of normal things, into sexism! Like comparing a manager's wages, with a secretarie's wage. Logic can go out of the window, as long as benefits women!
  18. BoyTheo

    BoyTheo Member

    Idiot, you mince words.

    Yes I can believe you think that about me. You think that because you are evil, and you feel like defending your lies makes you feel better. Logic and truth mean nothing to you.

    OK ok, I see your point. I'll think like you do now! Here goes:

    I think you are a terrorist feminazi, and you can't make a bowl of cereal let alone type a grammatically correct sentance.

    Yeah. Saying what makes me feel better instead of the truth, good idea. You'd say that if you were in my place and I was saying the lies you say. So I'm only doing what you would do.
  19. jiimaan

    jiimaan Banned

    Why exactly should we want to buy them things, and how is it that we should resort to buying things for women in order to make them happy? Unfortunately, most women do place great significance on how much is spent on them. But for many men this makes them feel as though they have to pay for a woman's companionship.

  20. Megara

    Megara Banned

    maybe its just my nature...but i like giving gifts to friends and gf' should never feel *obligated* do it because you want i said, some women expect too much.....some dont understand how much it costs guys to go out on dates 4-5x a week let alone buy them shoes or something.....
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