My first Time With Magic Mushrooms Taken At An Reggae Festival.

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Wolfman's Brother, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. There was an reggae festival close to my home town and I and a girl that is an good friend of mine oh well I will just call her my gf. So we already talked that we will take mushrooms at that festival. I got 3g for 18 euros,and we ate it about 1.5g each. And for one hour everything was fine,but then it started to kick in.And we got separated, so I went searching for her and found her hiding in my tent,she was very very paranoid that everyone are looking at her and if this wasn't enough two of my friend were teasing her and that messed her even more. For about 30-45 minutes she was very scared she cried and laughed at the same time and I really didn't knew what to do with her,every time I looked at her she turned away and said that I need to stop looking at her,so I just lay down on the ground so I couldn't look at her and she lay on my back and finally those two friends went away and left us alone and soon she calmed down she was still bit paranoid but she felt better,and then we were lying in a big field and we were watching the clouds,they took very interesting shapes and It was really fun to watch but I had an strange felling,it was like you were felling home sick. Soon it started to get dark and we went back to my tent and that home sick felling just left away and I started to love everything really absolutely everything I loved every single living being and it was really beautiful. Then we were just laying in the tent and cuddled for 4 hours and she absolutely opened to me she told me everything it was like I spend 10 years with her,it's like all her experiences all her pain transferred into me and I knew everything about her what she went through,why does she fell this way,...It was absolutely amazing,the felling could not be described with words. And at about 11.00 o'clock Groundation started to play. She was still bit scared so we waited about half of hour more and then we want to listen to Groundation it was so awesome the sound was so amazing it could not be described.When they stopped playing we went beck to my tent cuddled for about 2 more hours then my friends came back and we went to sleep. The next morning I felt a bit strange but I think the cause of that is I didn't got a lot of sleep that night.

    Magic mushrooms gave me an complete different view of life,they have tough me that if you smile and think positive and accept every single day with love,accept that life is an blessing that it's an beautiful struggle that you must not wish away the days and hope for better ones ahead just live every single day with love,love everyone even those who have hurt you,and smile everyday even if something bad happened to you just smile. This way this life the only life you have will become something beautiful something that you will not want to just wish away.

    Thanks for reading.

    -Wolfy."]Brooks & Dunn - Brand New Man - YouTube
  2. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    The best trips are where you have some bad and some good feelings/thoughts and you feel you've felt something worthwile in all of it (perhaps only in hindsight with the bad/little unpleasant stuff :p). Sounds like you had a great mushroom trip! Some people have an overall terrible time when taking them in a strange, new or out of your control environment like at a festival or a room or tent where sober people drop in and out that don't really understand what your trip is like. Seems like your friend almost went down the total uncomfortable road but it was good she tripped with you :biggrin:
  3. yep I have read many magic mushrooms reports before I took them I was ready for everything even for an bad trip,so I just accepted what was going on with me and I didn't resist the flow so everything was fine.My gf on the other hand was the clear opposite. I'm glad I took them maybe next year we will try them again but this time at my home and we will be a lone at an familiar place so she won't be felling so scared as she did.
  4. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I only tripped on mushrooms at home (or homes of friends) or in friend's yards. I swear by a trusty environment myself :p I once saw a guy at a metal festival who was tripping, he totally lost it and nobody respected or cared that he was tripping, everybody was just annoyed by him. He also fell in a ditch with dirty water at some point so everybody walked around him. He had my sympathy :( :D Other people seem to have a great trip in the middle of a crowd during a concert. I'd prefer other stuff to be on there but if you have a mild trip it can be euphoric I can imagine.
  5. ah metal brrrr when I hear that music it gives me the creeps its to violent for my taste I can't image how I could even smoke weed in such festivals. But it depends on the taste of music.
  6. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Ah well, to me it wasn't the metal aspect at all! Yes, it just depends on one's personal taste. I love black metal and I love to smoke weed while hanging in those tunes ;) :) (shrooms would be a different story for me personally though).
    But I guess it's one of those festivals where you have a bigger chance people are drunk and make fun of the spaced out trippy people haha. He looked clearly surpised about what he got himself in too... If you are with a nice group of friends it could all work out. I guess he was just one of those who decided to take shrooms alone and then you have a good recipe to get clueless on a crowded festival of any kind.
  7. nectar

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    I can't really imagine taking mushroom in a crowded area like a festival and enjoying it at all. I agree it's much nicer to feel safe and comfortable and like someone isn't gonna come up and start messing with your head, people can be really cruel to people on a bad trip. Sometimes you just need to look into a familiar persons eyes <3

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