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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by Spuff, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Spuff

    Spuff Where's my ciggies?

    It was on Friday. I've always been against the idea of taking it but recently, I've been more and more convinced that most of what I heard about it was bullshit. So a mate of mine asked me to go to a club (Wigan Pier Nightspot, for any local UK people ... and no, I'm not a chav! lol) and I said I'd have a couple with him. Well, the whole night was a complete eye-opener! I saw a side in me that I haven't seen before ... total confidence, rapid thinking, an ability to dance ... all of which havn't really exsisted before! And I'm not usually a big hit with the ladies (usually quite shy) but that night, I got lots of phone numbers!
    And to make it better, I woke up the next day and felt on top of the world! Even all the beer and joints that I had didn't make me feel rough.
    Although it was a fantastic night, it's not something I would do often. Apart from the potential brain damage from over-use, I don't think I would ever reach the peak I got to my first time. I may be wrong but there's only one way to find out, I guess!
  2. djreindeer

    djreindeer Member

    MDMA depletes serotonin and it takes around 3 weeks to recover those levels. Thus, if you take it before then, your experience will be second rate.

    I think it's safe to take it no more than once a month, don't take too much (because too much might damage neurons, still under debate but err on the conservative side) and don't mix a lot of alcohol with it.

    Make it a rare treat and enjoy. Moderation is the key to life in all regards!
  3. Fallout55

    Fallout55 Banned

    Sounds liek my experiance, had the time of my life expected to wake up fellign shiity, but actaully woke up with a huge grin on my face, wich is very rare.

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