My first experience with cocaine

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Autentique, May 29, 2004.

  1. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    Yesterday was a long day, my friends dragged me down to the pool after school... it was great, because it was so fucking hot. I came home around 5 - 6 pm... and slept a really long time.. until 9pm or something like that. So I get on-line and my friends are again .. let's get together and drink , I'm like ok cool.

    So I headed to my best friend's house. There were four of us there, drinking, pretty chill. In a moment my best friend says I'm going to the bathroom, but them comes back and says .. hey come with me. I'm like... ok :rolleyes: . So we go to her room, and she takes out this little bag, and shows it to me, and says do you want some?? ( i have been offered many times before, but never did it.. guess i didn't have a bond with them or something) I just said yeah.

    So she puts a lil' in my hand, I sniff it right away, she offered some more.. I took it. We checked our noses before we went back to the living room. And we just sat there drinking... we would look at each other every once in awhile and just laugh.. because nobody had any idea of anything.

    So for me.. it made me kinda restless, eveybody was tired and drunk and falling asleep, and I was the whole time: guys don't fall asleep .. what I'm I going to do.. I just entertained myself changing the music. The feeling was weird.. I mean I felt calmed whenever I was active.. walking around, dancing, just doing something, but whenever I was just sitting, doing nothing, I felt totally restless, this need to do something, to move, to not just stay there wasting my time.

    Whenever I was active I felt at peace with myself, and like I had so much power. Also I felt my heartbeat really racing. I got back home like at 4 am, my mom was up, and I sat with her chat for awhile.. and then wen to "sleep" it was impossible.. I moved, and moved , and moved , and moved couldn't just lay there... I think I finally fell asleep like at 8 am or something.

    The whole experience was interesting, but it isn't quite my kind of drug, I can't point exactly why not, but it just wasn't anything special. But knowing myself I'll probably do it again, specially because is my best friends fav drug.
  2. Sounds a lot more like speed than coke...
  3. "Specially because is my best friends fav drug" should never be a reason you do anything.
  4. Rasheeke

    Rasheeke Member

    many say it is the type of drug that, if its there, you'll most likely do it, where as, if its not around you'll be fine.
  5. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    I know it shouldn't, it isn't, what I meant its what's exactly on the next post, that if it's there, I would probably do it.

    For me.. is kinda scary because I consider it a hard drug, wich I said I would never do, and I've seen so many ppl get addicted to it, that I don't want to be one more.
  6. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    i did coke. it was fun for about 30 minutes. my face was numb in addition to a few other areas. i felt more talkative and euphoric. it made me sniffle for a while. after i came down, i was happy i had tried it. no addiction here. peace.
  7. i did coke two times and each time i had like 8 lines, and that kept me up till about 4am, u had two bumps and said u were up till 8am....sounds like meth to me too.
  8. rdfleece27

    rdfleece27 Member

    yeah, i've never known someone who did coke to be up for that long off that little an amount. perhaps it was possible due to body weight. also it could have been cut really hard w/ something that was more like speed(right??).
  9. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    The thing is I tend to sleep really late, and that day I had slept the whole afternoon.. like 4 hours or something, so that could have something to do with that.
  10. dhs

    dhs Senior Member

    This is not true for everyone. I have had many friends who have had a big time problem with it. Ever see the movie or read the book Bright Lights Big City? A friend of mine's brother wrote it about his life.

    The statement you made is true for me. I have one friend who likes to do it pretty often and if I'm around him I'll do it. Otherwise I don't touch the stuff.
  11. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    The substance you sniffed, wuz it a really fine powder, or wuz it a crystal type of powder?
  12. Coke is a fun drug, It peps you up, makes you feel great,
  13. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    i got addicted to coke real bad in my freshman year of college. id always been like what you said if its there id do it but i wouldnt go get it. my problem was i started selling it so when you have a quarter pound sitting in your closet its always there. thats when it becomes a problem. it starts off you just think hey i have a shit load of coke a few lines wont hurt. next thing you know youre doing that every hour. that only lasted till i realized that out of all the coke i had blown and the rest being sold i had barely made my money back and i haven't bought more than a gram at a time since.
  14. oblivion

    oblivion Member

    My partner has just got outta jail from a 4 stretch for dealing charlie. For him it began years ago as simple recreational use, then dealing to cover the cost of both our habits (which inevitably became rather large and insatiable). When he got nicked, I lost control, got myself in a real mess, ended up smoking the kronic every day 4 near on a year. Alot of bad shit happened to me in that time, but i got help and i got off it altogether. Its not the same 4 everyone, I have an addictive personallity, but even though i havent touched any in over 2yrs, cocaine/crack will always be one of the great loves of my life.
  15. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    It was a really fine powder. Is just that was really great coke... is like the best thing you can get here, pure stuff.

    The other day me and 2 other friends did a whole gr of that stuff, it was fun, but nothing special so I decided to not do it again. Let´s see if I can keep my words.
  16. oblivion

    oblivion Member

    Really good coke wont be a fine powder, it'll have hard crystals in it. Thats why you need a blade, credit card etc to chop it up to make it fine enough to snort.
  17. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    We had already done that... The first time I tried it, My friend had already chop it up.

    The day I did the Gr. with my friends we chop it up in the car.. it had some crystals.. we called them rocks here.
  18. Lotusfaery8

    Lotusfaery8 Member

    I love coke, I wouldn't recommend doing it a lot, said from expirience, but once in a while it's a lot of fun.
  19. Coke is the shit...toot you a gram and back it with a blunt...have a few beers in between...presto.
  20. the_sweet

    the_sweet Member

    Coke and alcohol make an amazing mix for some reason. I was at a party last week and drank a bottle of champagne before I did a few lines, one of the best highs I've had in a while.

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